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Nose Job: External nose surgery – 2022

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Nose Job: External nose surgery

External nose surgery is often, but not always, septum, mussel or nasal bone surgery. Nose job…

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External nose surgery

External nose surgery is often, but not always, septum, mussel or nasal bone surgery. You should expect external nose surgery to change the appearance of the nose. Nose surgery is shaped according to you and your external nose problem.

Curvatures and bumps are usually the result of previous trauma to the nose, but they can also be congenital. In the case of a previous trauma, the operation will often be complicated by scar tissue and calcifications.

External nose surgery is very rarely performed for life-threatening reasons. It is therefore recommended that you consider whether the procedure is necessary for you, given the risks associated with the surgery, as outlined below.

Transaction types

Any type of surgery can be combined with an individual surgical plan.

Saddle nose (boxer nose)

Saddle nose is due to collapsed nasal septum. Since the middle piece is embedded in comparison to the others, it gives an arch to the nose. It can cause problems both in air passage and in the cosmetic appearance of the nose. In these cases, either the septum can be moved or some cartilage can be taken from the ear and placed under the nose skin.


The biggest risk is that the nose will collapse again, either because the septum is not capable of bearing, or because the moving inlaid cartilage is lost over the years. Improper cartilage growth may also occur. The skin on the bridge of the nose becomes thin and red.


Alain insufficiency is mostly caused by the nasal wings being too narrow because the nose is too narrow. The nose wings can also be very soft and close with intense sniffing. This results in reduced air passage.

Alain deficiency can be tried to alleviate either by removing the tissue in the nostril or by putting extra cartilage on the nostrils. Second, it causes a change in the appearance of the nose so that the nose becomes slightly wider. Cartilage can be taken from the ear or nasal septum.


The risk that inlaid cartilage will shrink over time is a small risk. Also, very rarely an asymmetry can occur if the cartilage grows and shrinks on only one side. The skin over the nostrils may become thinner and redder.

crooked nose

This operation mostly involves cutting the entire nasal skeleton. This will give ‘blue eyes’ due to areas of blood soaked skin around the chiseled areas. There is more pain than other nose surgeries. A plaster cast should be applied to the nose for 7-10 days.


Bone may thicken where the blade cuts (due to bone formation). Sometimes the nasal bone is so attached to the skeleton of the face that it is not possible to correct the distortion without breaking the skeleton of the face. This will only appear during the process and should be abandoned or changed later on. Instead, it can be tried to improve the shape of the nose, for example. to crush bone or insert cartilage.

Removal of the hump

Some people have a distinctive “ski jump”, also called a hump, on the bridge of the nose that is cut off during the operation. If the nose is already wide, the entire nasal skeleton must be cut, as described in crooked nose surgery. This is done to prevent the formation of an “open roof” on the bridge of the nose, which can cause discomfort in the form of tenderness and a feeling of pressure on the bridge of the nose.

Often the operation will be completed with a thin cartilage disc under the skin along the bridge of the nose to provide a smooth surface and reduce the risk of new bone formation.


New bone formation and possibly
restoration of the hump.
Inlaid cartilage can grow or shrink. The skin on the bridge of the nose becomes thin and red.


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