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Nose Job: A quick procedure – 2022

nose job

Nose Job: A quick procedure

Rhinoplasty is a quick procedure – the treatment is outpatient and lasts a few minutes – and the results are immediate. Nose job

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What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty consists of the infiltration of resorbable products such as hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite, as well as non-resorbable ones, so that unevenness of the back of the nose, small deviations of the same or subtly raising the tip of the nose can be corrected, obtaining a more harmonious profile with respect to the rest of the factions.

At the same time that the nose is being filled, the specialist doctor must mold it to make it harmonize with the patient’s facial features. The liquid with which it is filled will harden inside the skin and will be in charge of maintaining the changes introduced without the need for the use of bandages or splints.

There are many patients who have undergone rhinoplasties in which their noses have been raised too much and therefore no longer have natural harmony with their faces. In this sense, it is important to note that there is a distinction between an ideal nose for a face and a perfect nose. A perfect nose does not exist since each person has their own beauty. An ideal nose is one that fits a certain type of face.


However, this technique is only advisable when there are small irregularities in the nasal contour, for example, if what is sought is to make the nose a little more upturned, thin or delicate, as well as symmetrical. Rhinoplasty is even used to correct minor imperfections that may appear after surgery.

While rhinoplasty makes it possible to modify both the soft tissues and nasal cartilage as well as the bony parts, completely changing the nose or reducing its size and, in the case of septal deviations, improving breathing, with rhinoplasty it is not possible to modify the bone structure, fixing the bridge or nasal septum, or reduce the size of the nose. In cases where major changes are required, conventional rhinoplasty must be used. It is also not recommended for children under 17 years of age, since the nose is not definitely formed.

Types of rhinoplasty

Temporary rhinoplasty consists of a resorbable filler, which is applied through microinjections, seeking to rectify and equalize the nasal profile. Its approximate duration is 9 to 12 months, depending on factors such as the degree of hydration of the patient or exposure to extreme temperatures that lead to increased dehydration of the patient.

In rhinoplasty with permanent filling, a non-resorbable injectable product is used. Due to its permanent nature, it is advisable to first perform a rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid so that the patient can check how their nose would look after the definitive treatment and be sure of their decision, always under the recommendation and advice of the medical team.

A quick procedure

Rhinoplasty is a quick procedure – the treatment is outpatient and lasts a few minutes – and the results are immediate. For a few days the area may be slightly swollen or red. Do not touch your nose or wear glasses for two days. During the week following the application of the technique, saunas or intense facial treatments should be avoided. Sports or tasks that require a lot of effort should not be performed either.

In any case, before undergoing any nose intervention, it is necessary to consult a specialized doctor and find out if the imperfections of the nose are treatable with rhinoplasty or if, on the contrary, they require traditional rhinoplasty to be corrected.


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