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Nose Filler: Who can apply nose filling? – 2022

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Nose Filler: Who can apply nose filling?

Nose filler; It is the process of making the nose more aesthetic without surgery with the filling materials used in classical facial filling.


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What is nose filling?

Nose filler; It is the process of making the nose more aesthetic without surgery with the filling materials used in classical facial filling. Filling application can be provided to correct minor deformities such as curvatures on the back of the nose and lifting the tip of the nose.

What purposes of nose filling?

  • Alleviating or removing curvatures/depressions in the nose
  • To eliminate collapses in the root of the nose
  • Lifting the tip of the nose
  • Straightening the back of the nose
  • Correcting asymmetries

His nose filling applied?

Nasal filling is generally a painless and painless procedure. Before the procedure, local anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated and kept for 15-20 minutes, disinfected with an antiseptic solution and the procedure is started. Filling material in appropriate doses is injected under the skin to the areas to be applied in the nose. Thus, the tip of the nose can be lifted and the curvature of the nose can be removed. The procedure takes an average of 15-30 minutes. One of the biggest advantages of nasal filling is that the effect of the filling appears immediately and it is possible to return to normal life immediately after the procedure. Topical antibiotic therapy is recommended for 3 days after the procedure.

The nose is the most prominent part of the face and it also affects the appearance of other features. A small nose tip or a curved nose can affect the appearance negatively. It is not necessary to have a surgical operation for this. Nasal filling can be applied to correct these deformities.

Nasal filling is a method of nose plastic surgery performed for the purpose of correcting the tip of the nose, lifting and removing the curvature of the nose. The material used in nasal filling is the same as that used in facial filling.

Nasal filling is applied to the nose area by injecting a filling material under the skin. Thanks to nasal filling, the tip of the nose can be lifted, the curvature of the nose can be removed and the desired shape can be given to the nose area.

Who can apply nose filling?

Structurally existing curvatures of the nose (nasal arch, mild midline curvatures), nasal root collapses, structural or mimic low nasal tip due to movements (especially with laughing and talking) nasal filling for those that occur, slight deformations due to surgical operation application can be made.

Who cannot apply nose filling?

  • Pregnant and lactating women,
  • Those who have a disease that increases bleeding,
  • Those with active autoimmune disease,
  • Those who have active herpes virus infection and people who have frequent cold sores should inform their doctor about this.
  • Fillers should not be applied to people with hypersensitivity to the filling material.

Advantages of nose filler

  • It is much easier than surgical applications, it can be applied in practice conditions,
  • The risk of experiencing pain, pain, burning and pain is low,
  • It is safe as it is not a permanent application,
  • It is an economical application compared to surgery,
  • After the procedure, the patient can continue his daily life. Work and social life will not be interrupted,
  • It is possible to get a new image in a short time.


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