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Nose Filler: How a rhinofiller session takes place – 2022

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Nose Filler: How a rhinofiller session takes place

As seen above, the filling treatment that replaced rhinoplasty surgery is something very different from a surgical operation. Nose filler

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Reshape the tip of the nose: the Rinofiller

The most common cosmetic surgery treatments concern the nose: being in the center of the face, this catalyzes people’s gazes, and if a little crooked or with humps it can represent a real reason for dissatisfaction. Among the most popular aesthetic treatments lately there is precisely the intervention aimed at reshaping the morphology of the nose, in order to redesign its structure in a shape that harmonizes with the face.

The rhinofiller involves filling and shaping the nose through small injections of biocompatible and resorbable dermal fillers, usually formulated based on hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite.

As can be easily understood, the rhinofiller differs from the traditional surgery in the operating room: this treatment, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, does not transform the tissues irreversibly, but guarantees aesthetically optimal results without having to undergo stressful operations.

It has also been noted that traditional rhinoplasty surgery with the use of anesthetic substances can alter the skin tissues: the rhinofiller is, therefore, a valid substitute for surgery and guarantees, like this, satisfactory and aesthetically pleasing results.
Conducted on an outpatient basis, but always by expert hands, the aesthetic treatments of rhinofiller must be agreed with the doctor, based on the final result you want to obtain.

It is possible to intervene in areas such as the root of the nose, the tip and the back: in the presence of “humps”, visible on the profile of the nose, we will work on the root of this, leveling and aligning its morphology. In the case of surgery on the nasal spine, the goal is to fill in any unevenness and gaps that are certainly unsightly.

The interventions on the tip of the nose, on the other hand, among the most popular of the moment, especially when very young, are aimed at modifying the nasal termination, raising it to create the effect of the upturned nose.

How a rhinofiller session takes place

As seen above, the filling treatment that replaced rhinoplasty surgery is something very different from a surgical operation. However, it is still an important treatment that needs particular attention: even if it is not an operation, it involves pain and discomfort, since the pricks occur in an area full of nerve endings.
Usually, to remedy this, a topical anesthesia is performed in advance, in the form of a spreadable cream, in order to avoid excessive discomfort to the patient. After having decided together with the doctor the changes to be made on the structure of the nose, taking into account the overall local-regional conditions, we proceed by marking the exact points on which to intervene with the injections with a pen.

Once the infiltrations are over, it is not necessary to proceed with bandages in the area or special treatments: the effects will be immediately visible.
As these are filler injections conducted with biocompatible and resorbable materials, the results obtained with the rhinofiller are neither definitive nor permanent. This means that after a few months, generally 6/8, the effect of the rhinofiller will diminish and it will be possible, optionally, to repeat the session again or not.

If the client decides to extend the results of a rhinofiller session to the maximum, he will be able, in agreement with the doctor, to carry out a treatment once a year. However, it should be remembered that the duration of the treatment results vary depending on the material injected.
It is an almost non-invasive aesthetic intervention practice, which does not subject the patient to operative stress and does not force him to interrupt his daily routine.

The post-treatment hospital stay is relatively short, although it is possible that the nose may become red and swollen slightly. In any case, they are not alarming and completely physiological symptoms, destined to disappear within a few hours: the rhinofiller very rarely presents complications and serious side effects.

Why choose to undergo rhinofiller

The results of the hyaluronic acid filling treatment are immediately visible and generally manage to improve the aesthetics and physiognomy of the patient’s face. It is advisable to inform yourself well before proceeding with the rhinofiller, talk about it with an expert doctor or a center specialized in aesthetic medicine who can best advise us on what to do: this treatment is recommended for all those who wish to correct nasal dysmorphism and who do not intend to undergo to surgery.


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