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Mini Face Lifting: Before the operation – 2022

mini face lifting

Mini Face Lifting: Before the operation

You should wash your hair the night before the operation or on the day of the operation in the morning. Mini face lifting

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Mini Facelift, think about it twice!


Mini Facelift

In a mini-face lift, cheek bags are removed by liposuction, loose skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened up. The incision is placed around the ear and is therefore very little visible.

At the first consultation, it will be assessed whether you will benefit from a mini-facelift and the operation will then be described in detail.

You are welcome to have a bee-sitter with you (spouse, family member, friend, etc.) and this can often be recommended, as it has been shown that you do not always “hear” the same thing through the oral information.

It must take at least a week from the preliminary examination to the operation and you must sign a declaration of consent when ordering the operation.

The next sections describe the practical course.

Before the operation

You must meet rested before the operation

You should wash your hair the night before the operation or on the day of the operation in the morning. Face and neck are washed with soap in the morning before surgery.

You should wear loose clothing that should not be over your head and do not bring jewelry and other valuables.

Please avoid makeup and nail polish for the sake of the appliance. For the last two weeks before and after the operation, avoid medicines that contain acetylsalicylic acid, e.g. magnyl or kodimagnyl, garlic and fish oil as well as avoid alcohol the day before as it may increase the bleeding tendency.

It is wise to reduce, preferably stop any tobacco consumption, both in the time before and after the operation, which will give a better healing and thus a better result.

The operation

One ½ hour before the operation may be given. pain medication. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Local anesthesia increases safety as you are pain-free but awake during the entire procedure.


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