Mentoplasty: Expectations regarding the results – 2022


Mentoplasty: Expectations regarding the results

Normally, mentoplasty offers satisfactory results, with facial harmonization.

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Understanding Mentoplasty

Ment is the scientific name given to the chin — the part that surrounds the jaw, neck and lower third of the face. Mentoplasty (orthognathic surgery) is an aesthetic procedure that aims to correct the positioning of this region.

Plastic surgery can be divided into:

  • Class 2 orthognathic or augmentation chinoplasty — indicated when the upper jaw is too far in front of the lower teeth;
  • Class 3 orthognathic or reduction chinoplasty — used when the lower teeth are projected in relation to the upper jaw.

Indications for plastic surgery

Surgical intervention is recommended for corrective and aesthetic purposes, when there is difficulty in chewing or breathing, by increasing or reducing the region.

The procedure should only be performed after the age of 17, when the bones of the face have developed enough and after the use of braces on the teeth for about 2 years. most appropriate type of correction. In some cases, a combination of chin surgery and nose procedures may be necessary in order to balance facial proportions.

surgical procedures

When less than normal bone development occurs, it is necessary to insert a prosthesis in the chin. For insertion, local anesthesia is applied — advancement or retraction of the bone requires general anesthesia.

The cuts are made on the inner side of the mouth, which avoids an apparent scar. Chin augmentation surgery takes an average of 1 hour. For bone advancement, the procedure is performed between 90 and 120 minutes, with discharge on the same day.

Techniques and materials used

To perform the surgery, different techniques are applied, according to specific needs. Interventions can be:

  • orthognathic surgery — for bone manipulation;
  • application of porex — uses polyethylene to enhance the chin;
  • insertion of silicone prosthesis — aims to increase the retracted chin.

Porex is a porous material that prevents infections, bone resorption and organic rejections. For these reasons, it is the most used in mentoplasty. Silicone, on the other hand, has a high probability of infection and bone resorption in the medium term.

post-surgical recovery

In the first 2 days, swelling is normal, which gradually decreases and disappears between 7 and 10 days. After this period, the patient can return to normal activities.

Depending on the case, it is necessary to use the device on the teeth, for the realignment of the upper arch in relation to the lower one.

Mentoplasty risks

Surgery is rarely risky, but bleeding from the mouth and nose and loss of sensation in the face can occur.

To avoid infections or other problems, it is important to follow the plastic surgeon’s guidelines and take the medications prescribed.

Expectations regarding the results

It is necessary to consider several factors, such as a good medical pre-assessment, the materials used in the procedure and postoperative care, to estimate how the look will be after the procedure.

Normally, mentoplasty offers satisfactory results, with facial harmonization. The new chin shape, in addition to improving the aesthetic and functional aspect, also helps to increase self-esteem.

The chin is one of the main regions of the face that define the shape of the face, having an important aesthetic and functional function. Mentoplasty, when preceded by correct analysis and performed by a good plastic surgeon, can provide a significant change in the patient’s life.


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