Losing weight in a healthy way – 2022

losing weight

Losing weight in a healthy way

Losing weight in a healthy way is much easier when you are balanced. Stress and mental strain make you more emotional.

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The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight


Losing weight while you sleep – is it possible?

Another tip for healthy weight loss is getting enough sleep. “Slim while you sleep” sounds too good to be true, but sleep itself actually has several advantages that positively support weight loss. Those who have had a good night’s sleep are more concentrated and balanced. This makes you react more rationally and less emotionally. The willingness to be active increases and the fight against food cravings becomes easier. In addition, with restless sleep and lack of sleep, the body produces more of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin, which makes it even more difficult to lose weight.

Intuitive Eating – The right amount and the right foods

An important step towards healthy weight loss is to be mindful of your own eating habits. Feel your fullness and question your portions and meals. People often eat past their fullness because it tastes so good. Give yourself a little time before you reach for chocolate, even if you have ravenous appetite attacks and question your habits. Is the chocolate after the meal really that important or does the meal work without dessert? Maybe there are also healthy alternatives to dessert or snacks if there is no other way? Although fruits contain plenty of sugar, they also contain many vitamins and nutrients. Reaching for the apple is a step in the right direction.

Cook it yourself – fresh and diverse

Cooking takes time, but it gives you a good overview of your own food. The goal of the manufacturers of ready meals is a good taste and this usually works easier and cheaper with unhealthy ingredients, which later often appear on the list of ingredients with mysterious names. If you cook for yourself, you have control over your diet and know what you are eating. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, a varied and balanced diet is particularly important. Studies also show that the consumption of ready meals is linked to being overweight. Cooking yourself creates opportunities for diversity and helps to lose weight in a healthy way. Enjoy the variety of foods and supplement your diet with important dietary fiber through vegetables and/or proteins through legumes, eggs or even lean meat.

Longer overnight meal breaks

Anyone who feels comfortable with two balanced meals a day has the option of scheduling both meals so that there is a break of 14 to 18 hours, preferably overnight. This is exactly the amount of time the body needs without food to switch from burning glycogen (sugar burning) to burning fat. With this basic concept of intermittent fasting and a balanced diet, healthy weight loss becomes much easier.

Routines and habits

Routines simplify the new changes in your everyday life and allow them to become habits over time. You think less about established routines and habits. They provide security and over time can replace bad habits and thus enrich life. In order to lose weight healthily and sustainably, you should plan new routines in advance and, above all, concretely. Structure your meal times and routines and your exercise program and be patient. Habits do not develop overnight, but once they are established in everyday life, healthy weight loss is much easier.

Avoid food cravings

Sooner or later everyone gets them. When you have cravings, your mind and body crave sugar and unhealthy food suddenly becomes particularly attractive again. When you have a craving, give yourself some time. Most of the time these subside. If there is no other way, you should use a healthy alternative instead of chocolate. Fruits and fruits are particularly good for snacking.

Lose weight healthily with diet shakes

No attempt to lose weight works without a calorie deficit. If you find it easy to eat little, congratulations! But then you should pay even more attention to your nutrients. Homemade smoothies and shakes help with reduced food intake to a more balanced diet due to their high density of nutrients and vitamins. Green smoothies in particular are particularly healthy. However, you should rather make these yourself, as there are currently no specifications in Germany regarding ingredients and fruit content for the manufacturers of smoothies.

Avoid Stress – Relax

Losing weight in a healthy way is much easier when you are balanced. Stress and mental strain make you more emotional. Positive routines are jeopardized and food cravings threaten. Make time for yourself regularly to clear your head. Stress cannot be avoided in life, but if you are balanced, stress does not throw you off course so easily. Whatever helps you find balance, do it.


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