Eyebrow Lift

Laser eyebrow lift – 2022

eyebrow lift

Laser eyebrow lift

Laser eyebrow lift does not leave any marks on your face: Due to its nature as it does not require cutting by surgical knives. Rather, laser beams are used throughout all stages of surgery.

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Laser eyebrow lift

The advantages of this technique:

Laser eyebrow lift does not leave any marks on your face: Due to its nature as it does not require cutting by surgical knives. Rather, laser beams are used throughout all stages of surgery.

Eyebrow lift surgery is a surgical procedure that aims to raise the eyebrows and thus removes wrinkles in the forehead area and creases between the eyebrows, and this is done by reducing the wrinkles caused by aging in order to achieve a sense of youth and vitality.

The most important thing that distinguishes the laser eyebrow lifting technique from other techniques is that it does not leave any scars or wounds on the skin. It also does not cause bleeding in the patient, which is due to the fact that laser beams are used for incisions and closing incisions, in addition to dissolving fat, tightening the skin, And other surgical procedures.

A number of other advantages are present in this technique, such as:

– The duration of the operation is shorter than in other techniques.

– The required duration for recovery after surgery is shorter.

– There is no injury or scar left on the skin as a result of the operation.

– The risk of infection and complications after surgery is less than other techniques.

In the cosmetic operations of the brow lift, there are several techniques that can be used to obtain the best results and get rid of the signs of aging that appear on the forehead and eyebrows, as follows:

1. Endoscopic Brows Lift

2. Laser eyebrow lifting technique

3. Open eyebrow lifting technique

4. Mini eyebrow lifting technique

5. The direct eyebrow lifting technique

There are a lot of people who are worried about the appearance of frown lines on their faces, which is always considered a sign of old age or the presence of problems in life, and these people try to get rid of these lines through the use of injections, but this method is temporary and not effective for everyone.

The solution for these people is to perform an eyebrow lift operation, where it is considered one of the most important cosmetic operations performed to get rid of frown lines and raise the eyebrows.

Eyebrows are an important element of the face because they emphasize the look, and their shape affects the entire facial appearance, and eyebrows are considered one of the most prominent features that give a distinctive appearance to everyone who sees them. There are some people who find themselves with low eyebrows, which gives the face a tired look, and this problem may increase with age due to sagging skin.

Eyelift (eyebrow lift) is a cosmetic operation that raises drooping eyebrows and eliminates wrinkles in the forehead area, which gives the face a fresh and young look.

It is very important to choose a qualified plastic surgeon and a fully equipped hospital, and you should also follow the advice of your doctor before and after the operation so that you can get the best results, and it is worth noting that this operation is done in two methods: one of which is performed through open incision and the other Closed incisions.

Laser eyebrow lifting without open incision:

The laser eyebrow lifting technique without an open incision needs to give the patient a local anesthetic and then use a laser device to make small incisions from inside the eyebrows and through these incisions, the fat layer is dissolved. , And then sewing up the eyebrows and tightening them, and then closing the incisions using laser beams.

Open-incision laser eyebrow lift:

This technique needs to give the patient general anesthesia, then begin dissolving some of the fat layer under the skin of the forehead and eyebrows, or making some cuts under these areas in order to tighten them, after which stitches are used to close these cuts.


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