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Is tummy tuck painful ? – 2022

tummy tuck

Is tummy tuck painful ?

If you are wondering is a tummy tuck painful? According to many who have experienced, the operation is not painful at first, you do not feel anything during and after the operation for several hours, but it may require the use of painkillers for several days after the operation.

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How to tighten the abdomen

After the completion of the above and the patient’s readiness for the operation, the tummy tuck operation is performed through the following steps:

  • The patient is given complete anesthesia inside the operating room, where the tummy tuck procedure takes about four hours.
  • The doctor marks the area where the surgery will be performed.
  • In full tummy tuck operations, the doctor opens an incision along the tummy tuck and around the navel, then lifts the skin up and tightens the abdomen and muscles, removes the excess skin and raises the navel to its new place, then the doctor sews the surgical area, and installs two tubes in the lower abdomen area to filter the various secretions Of which.
  • Upon completion, the doctor will place a compression belt on the tummy tuck.
  • In partial tummy tuck surgery, a short incision is made in the lower abdomen, and the process of liposuction and excess skin without tightening the muscles, and the abdomen is not tightened around the navel, and this operation is considered very simple when compared to tummy tuck operations.
  • If all the body indicators are good after the surgery, the patient is transferred from the intensive care room to the inpatient rooms, and the patient can leave the hospital the next day.

When will the result of the tummy tuck operation appear?

The final results of a tummy tuck may not appear immediately after the operation, but it may appear within a period of one or two weeks, when you are able to stand upright.

Is tummy tuck painful?

If you are wondering is a tummy tuck painful? According to many who have experienced, the operation is not painful at first, you do not feel anything during and after the operation for several hours, but it may require the use of painkillers for several days after the operation.

If the tummy tuck operation is painful, and the degree of pain sensation varies from person to person, in addition to the difference in the type of operation, simple tightening operations are less painful than major operations.

In case of need to use pain relievers; You should consult your doctor to prescribe the type that is appropriate for your condition, and does not conflict with your health condition. There is no need to worry about the pain associated with the tummy tuck procedure; Most likely it will disappear within 3-4 days.

Recovery time from tummy tuck surgery

You can be discharged from the hospital within several hours of the operation, but the recovery period from the tummy tuck operation may extend for 1-2 months, during which a complete recovery from the operation is made and the result appears clearly, as the pain disappears, the swelling decreases and the fluid accumulates in the place of the operation gradually. to speed up the healing process; The doctor’s instructions should be carried out after the operation.

Tips after tummy tuck surgery

A tummy tuck operation usually takes between one and five hours, and on the first day, the patient needs a companion to help him in movement

  • When the patient goes home, he must filter the secretions on a daily basis for an entire week.
  • Continuous wearing of the compression belt for 6 weeks.
  • Filter tubes are removed 3 days after the operation.
  • The patient needs complete rest for two weeks, with walking inside the room to avoid clots.
  • The patient must refrain from carrying heavy objects for eight weeks, and can return to normal life after two weeks at most.
  • The patient may suffer from some swelling and bruising that will gradually disappear.
  • The patient cannot engage in sports and swimming until two months after the tummy tuck surgery.
  • Lie on the back and raise the legs up, to help the venous return from the skin incisions and from the legs, and avoid any swelling
  • Avoid foods that cause gas and bloating
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Stay away as much as possible from processed foods and try to control weight with exercise and calories entering the body

Abdominoplasty risks

Although it is an easy operation and is performed with great success for hundreds of cases annually, it may have serious complications like any other surgery, one of the signs of the failure of the tummy tuck operation

  • Complications resulting from the general anesthesia of the body, which are too many and may lead to death, so the anesthesiologist must be present throughout the operation until recovery is complete.
  • Complications resulting from infection of the wound, and not filtering the secretions properly.
  • In some rare cases, the operation may fail and the skin sagging increases more than the previous ones.
  • The operation may lead to a hernia and prolapse of the intestine after the operation.
  • Bleeding and loss of sensation in the wound area may occur.
  • Fatty embolism is a rather rare problem.

In any case, you should see your doctor immediately when you notice any of the following cases:

  • Change in the color of the fluid drained from the filter tubes.
  • High temperature and a feeling of chills or cold.
  • Note bad odor from the wound.
  • Exaggerated pain with excessive sweating.


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