How To Use Dental Floss? – 2022


How To Use Dental Floss?

First of all, you should choose a quality dental floss. Cut off a piece of approximately 40 cm to 50 cm.

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How To Use Dental Floss?

First of all, you should choose a quality dental floss. Cut off a piece of approximately 40 cm to 50 cm. Wrap a part of this piece you cut off on the middle fingers of both hands, leaving a space in between. It is sufficient that the space between is around 5 cm – 6 cm. You don’t need to wrap the whole floss around your finger. Then use your index and thumbs to get the floss into a taut form.

Put it between your teeth and clean your teeth, trying not to damage the gums. Giving the dental floss a C shape while cleaning will provide a much better grip on the teeth. Use a portion of dental floss to clean each of your teeth, and take care to use the cleanest portion of floss when you move on to your next tooth.

By the way, if you haven’t flossed before, you might feel weird in the first few days. However, it should be noted that many people have become accustomed to using this material in a very short time. After a while, you will realize that it is as normal and easy as brushing teeth. Therefore, you should be patient and do not stop using dental floss for reasons such as feeling strange. The fact that dental floss can easily reach places where toothbrushes cannot reach enables dental cleaning to be carried out at a much more advanced stage.

Does Dental Floss Get Between Teeth?

There are also false beliefs among the public about the use of dental floss. One of them is that it causes opening between the teeth. Of course, the use of dental floss never causes the gap between the teeth. This material is produced in accordance with the tooth structure and does not cause wear on the tooth surfaces. Therefore, it is not possible for it to cause opening between the teeth.

Again, a similar misconception is that it harms dental fillings, and this information does not reflect the truth. Dental fillings are not gentle enough to be affected by dental floss. Even regular use of dental floss over the years does not cause damage to dental fillings.

In the meantime, it should be noted that people with veneers can also use dental floss without any worries. With gentle movements, the part where the teeth meet the gums should be cleaned. Another issue that is curious about the subject is the use of dental floss in case of bleeding in the gums.

If your gums also bleed, you should see a dentist immediately. Because this may also be a sign that there is a disease in the gums. You can talk to your doctor about this. Consult your dentist in case of slight bleeding when you start using only dental floss. The use of dental floss does not cause bleeding, but incorrect use or gum diseases can cause this result.

What are the Types of Dental Floss?

In the past, dental floss was only produced from cotton thread. Today, it is possible to produce from many different materials. There are two types of bottom threads in terms of the material used in production. These;

  • PTFE
  • Nylon

At the same time, we can say that bottom ropes are examined in two different categories in terms of design. These;

  • with toothpick
  • Roll

If you consult your dentist, you can get information about which products are more suitable for your mouth and tooth structure.


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