How to explain healthy nutrition in children? – 2022


How to explain healthy nutrition in children?

Giving weight only to the food group that my child likes by saying not to go hungry brings with it insufficient and unbalanced nutrition.

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How to explain healthy nutrition in children?

Dairy products (milk, ayran), meat products (fish, chicken, meat), vegetables and fruits, grain groups (bread, pasta, dried beans) and oil group (olive oil, olive, walnut) form the food pyramid. In order to have a healthy diet, adequate amounts of the groups in this food pyramid should be consumed every day. Giving weight only to the food group that my child likes by saying not to go hungry brings with it insufficient and unbalanced nutrition. As a result, the risk of obesity, weakness, decreased immunity, heart disease, diabetes and other metabolic diseases increases in later ages. After a certain age, children may find the colorful food pyramid fun to draw on a piece of paper and be motivated to eat.

Don’t fry fries to have breaskfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The body needs energy in order for the metabolism to work and to start the day in a healthy way. While a balanced and regular breakfast closes this energy gap, it also plays an important role in children’s school success. The breakfast menu should include lighter and healthier foods instead of high-fat foods such as pies, french fries and chocolate. Because fat is a food group that digests late, children will feel the feeling of fullness at least half an hour later. This late feeling of fullness will cause the child to eat more and experience complaints such as digestive system disorders, heaviness, and sleep after the meal.

Do not prefer ready fruit juice

Lemon greens (parsley, lettuce) rich in vitamin C, which protects the immune system and reduces the risk of disease, should be added to the healthy breakfast menu, especially during seasonal changes. In addition, ginger to be added to honey is very important in preventing diseases. Fruit juices preferred for breakfast should be freshly squeezed and should be consumed no more than 15 minutes after being squeezed. However, it should not be forgotten that the energy content of fruit juices is high and the portions should be kept small.

Don’t forget valuable meals

The feeding times of school-age children, called the second breakfast, are at least as important as breakfast. Light foods should be consumed at the feeding time, which can also be considered as a snack. Children’s healthy lunch box may include a white cheese sandwich or toast with feta cheese, buttermilk and 1 portion of fruit, as well as a homemade low-fat pastry, buttermilk and a portion of fruit. Ready-made pastries, chocolate breads and salami or hot dogs should not be preferred.

If one meal has to be the other vegetable

Meatballs, chicken, and cutlets are generally the foods that children love very much and that they will not get bored even if they consume it at every meal. However, since these foods contain a lot of fat, consuming too much can cause weight gain. Excess weight gain and meat-based diet will adversely affect the quality of life, as it will cause heart diseases as a result of increased cholesterol values. For this reason, 5-6 portions (30 g of meat, 1 egg, 1 matchbox of cheese are one serving) should be eaten daily from the food group consisting of meat, eggs and legumes.

When meat is preferred for one meal, the other meal should be vegetables, the child’s favorite variety should be preferred, and vegetables should be cooked without losing their vitamin C. To prevent loss of vitamin C, vegetables should be cooked in little water and their water should never be poured. Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is 4-5 servings. Fruit portion should not fall below 3 portions, especially during seasonal transitions. Fruits rich in vitamin C such as orange, tangerine and grapefruit should be preferred.


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