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How To Do Forehead Lift – 2022

forehead lift

How To Do Forehead Lift – 2022

The forehead lift repositions drooping eyebrows, removes marked forehead wrinkles by weakening the forehead muscle, corrects frown lines and crow’s feet.

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How To Do Forehead Lift – 2022

The forehead lift repositions drooping eyebrows, removes marked forehead wrinkles by weakening the forehead muscle, corrects frown lines and crow’s feet.

This type of facelift aims to correct the alterations of the upper part of the face and to replace the “tired” or “severe” aspect with a fresher and more relaxed appearance, with a more open look thanks to the repositioning of the eyebrows.

What are the principles of forehead lift?

The forehead lift is most often performed by endoscopic technique.
A camera is introduced through a small incision, and through another small incision the surgeon can introduce surgical instruments to correct forehead and eyebrow defects.

  • The intervention first corrects the sagging of the forehead, and removes the horizontal wrinkles by resecting part of the frontal muscle.
  • Then, the lifting corrects the sagging of the eyebrows; this makes it possible to partially tighten the upper eyelids, but does not save the need for blepharoplasty if the eyelid presents a significant excess of skin.
  • Finally, it corrects frown lines between the eyebrows and crow’s feet wrinkles at the corner of the eyes, by resecting part of the corrugator, procerus and orbicularis muscles of the eyelids.

Forehead lift, from what age?

Practiced for both women and men, it can be performed from the age of 40. However, the forehead lift is sometimes performed much earlier, when the disgraces are constitutional (hereditary factors) and not related to age, such as initially low eyebrows or certain frown lines between the eyebrows early due to muscle hyperactivity.

Are there any scars?

Yes always, however the scars are more or less extensive depending on the type of forehead lift.

What happens before the intervention?

  • 2 surgical consultations spaced at least 15 days apart are mandatory above all.
  • An anesthesia consultation is mandatory and must be done several days before the operation.
  • Medical photographs are always taken.
  • The most important systematic medical instructions are as follows:
    • Strict smoking cessation 2 months before the forehead lift, to reduce the risk of skin necrosis.
    • Stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatories, or oral anti-coagulants within 15 days preceding the operation to reduce the risk of bleeding.

What are the operational consequences?

  • There is no real pain, but possibly some discomfort with a feeling of tension in the forehead, temples and eyelids.
  • During the first days after a forehead lift, rest as much as possible and avoid any violent effort.
  • The postoperative course is essentially marked by the appearance of edema (swelling) and bruises (bruises) which disappear within a few days.
  • The dressing will be removed between the 1st and 3rd day. Staples are removed between the 8th and 15th day.
  • The scars of the forehead lift will gradually fade, allowing the return to a normal socio-professional life after a few days (5 to 15 days depending on the extent of the consequences).
  • A certain insensitivity of the forehead, possibly some itching of the skull, can be observed during the first weeks. They will gradually disappear.

What is the outcome of the intervention?

A period of 3 to 6 months is necessary to assess the final result. This is the time required for all of the edema to subside and for the tissues to regain all their flexibility.

Most often, the forehead lift will have made it possible to obtain a beautification and an appreciable rejuvenation effect on the upper part of the face, with a suppression of the sagging of the forehead, a rise in the eyebrows, a tightening of the upper eyelids, a smoothing of crow’s feet wrinkles, and a marked reduction in forehead and inter-eyebrow wrinkles.

The results are generally long-lasting and, although the aging process is not stopped by the intervention, the benefit of the intervention will be felt even several years later.


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