How is scoliosis treated? – 2022


How is scoliosis treated?

First, the patient is examined by an orthopedic traumatologist, vertebrologist or kinesitherapist. Scoliosis

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Scoliosis Care: Latest Research and Treatment Modalities


Method of kinesitherapy in the treatment of scoliosis.

Method of kinesitherapy in the treatment of scoliosis.The development of scoliosis is most often based on the uneven formation of the muscular system, which leads to a distortion of the osteoarticular stereotype. In other words, scoliosis develops as a result of the formation of an incorrect posture against the background of a long-term muscle spasm, muscle hypertonicity, uneven development of the muscular system, or weakening of the muscle corset.

Incorrect distribution of muscle tone can occur with prolonged forced position, weakness of the muscular system, sports activities that more train only one side or selective muscle groups. Children are especially susceptible to the formation of incorrect posture, in which the skeletal system is in the maturation stage and is especially sensitive to muscle imbalances.

Therefore, the main task of the treatment of scoliosis is the formation of a muscular system that keeps the spine in the correct position and does not allow it to bend when exposed to various adverse factors.

By targeting certain muscle groups, it is possible to correct the position of the vertebrae, reduce the amount of spinal deformity. This is due to the tension force of the muscles that are attached to the vertebrae and carry out their traction in a certain direction. Trained muscles are able to hold the vertebrae in this position for a long time and correct scoliotic deformity.

Kinesitherapy has a stabilizing effect on the spine, strengthening the muscles of the body, allows you to achieve a corrective effect on deformity, improve posture, the function of external respiration, and gives a general strengthening effect. Kinesitherapy is indicated at all stages of the development of scoliosis, but it gives more successful results in the initial forms of scoliosis.

The effects that kinesitherapy has in the treatment of scoliosis:

  • weakened back muscles are strengthened
  • disturbed muscle balance is restored, preventing the formation of correct posture
  • there is a purposeful strengthening of the muscle groups involved in the correction of scoliosis
  • static, deep back muscles are trained, which provide the main support for the spine in an upright position
  • the entire muscular system of a person is strengthened, which can directly or indirectly affect the formation of scoliosis
  • the increased muscle tone is eliminated, which prevents the normal growth process and the formation of the skeleton.

How is scoliosis treated?

First, the patient is examined by an orthopedic traumatologist, vertebrologist or kinesitherapist. The doctor assesses the condition of the spine, the presence of curvature and the degree of its deformation, the correct posture, the position of the pelvis and lower extremities, the shape of the chest, the condition of the muscular system of the back and the whole organism as a whole.

If necessary, additional examination methods are prescribed – radiography of the spine, pelvis, magnetic resonance or computed tomography.

After the examination, the diagnosis is established and the tactics of treating the patient are determined. In the presence of scoliosis, scoliotic posture or other spinal deformities, the patient may be prescribed kinesitherapy, therapeutic massage, wearing an orthopedic corrective corset, muscle myostimulation or shock wave therapy, orthopedic insoles. performing certain exercises at home, recommendations are given on compliance with the orthopedic regimen and physical activity. With severe deformity or the presence of complications, the patient may be recommended surgical treatment.

After examining the patient and prescribing treatment using the kinesitherapy method, a test session is conducted, at which the state of the muscular system, muscle tone and strength, exercise tolerance are assessed, and the exercise scheme is written.

Classes in kinesitherapy in the treatment of scoliosis are conducted individually with a rehabilitologist who controls the entire course of the exercises, teaches the correct technique for their implementation, selects an adequate load, and helps to work with simulators.


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