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How is Facelift Surgery Performed? – 2022

facelift surgery

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

For facelift surgery, first of all, the patient is examined and the problems and their degrees are determined.

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Face Lift Surgery

Face lift surgeries are performed to solve problems such as intense sagging, loss of elastin, wrinkles, folds and lines in the entire face area.

With facelift surgery, these problems are solved and the facial features gain a clearer, younger and more contoured appearance, and a healthy and dynamic image is displayed.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

For facelift surgery, first of all, the patient is examined and the problems and their degrees are determined. According to these determinations, the stretching ratio is determined.

Operation phase: The patient is put under the effect of general anesthesia. From the forehead and hair border, an incision is made sideways. This incision extends to the back of the ear. Fat transfer or liposuction is performed through the opened incision. These applications are made in small amounts at the required dose, only to provide proportion and contours. The skin is stretched symmetrically towards the forehead and ears, and the excess skin is cut and removed according to this adjustment. The skin is stretched again and stitched together to the opened incisions. Before the seams are sewn, the seams can be made on it by using a special adhesive.

Who Can Have Forehead and Face Lift Surgery?

This operation can be performed on mature aged patients with intense sagging problems. The aesthetic plastic surgery operation can be applied to all male and female patients who do not mind general anesthesia.

What Should Be Considered After Forehead and Face Lift Surgery?

After these operations, it is important not to take a shower for a certain period of time, and not to wash with very hot water for 1 week from the time the shower is free.

It is important not to force the stitches, to make dressings, not to sleep on your face, not to tilt your head forward. Other necessary rules to be taken into account will be explained to you by your doctor and the necessary drugs will be given.

Is There Any Scar After Face and Forehead Lift Surgery?

After the operations performed, scars may remain close to the skin color. However, since these traces are behind the ear and in the scalp, they cannot be seen unless they are looked after very carefully. For this reason, there is no trace that will spoil the aesthetic image.

Do Face Lift and Forehead Lift Surgery Provide Permanent Solution?

Yup. Because excess skin is removed. Even if there are sagging over time, these saggings will not be to such an extent that they will disrupt the aesthetic appearance and can be resolved with needle procedures if necessary.


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