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How is Eye Care Done? – 2022

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How is Eye Care Done?

There are many methods you can try to get rid of your eye bags and wrinkles. For example, eye care

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How is Eye Care Done?

There are many methods you can try to get rid of your eye bags and wrinkles. For example, you can make a mask with the mixtures you will prepare at home with natural ingredients, and you can rest your under-eye area and its surroundings. In addition, wrinkle and bruise removal creams and cosmetic materials are also available. However, most of them do not offer you a definitive and permanent solution. There are new non-surgical and harmless aesthetic solutions for under-eye bruises and wrinkles. Among these, eyecell application, light filling and mesotherapy are the most used methods with good results.

Eyecell Eye Contour Care

Eyecell application is an application for reviving under-eye bags, bruises and lines around the eyes. The application is carried out by feeding the stem cell extracts, which are harmless for the eye area, around the eyes, eyelids and under the eyes. Rollers with very fine needles are used for the feeding process. Roles are used to facilitate the feeding of the materials to be used in the next steps to the skin and to increase absorption. Cold gel patches in the form of thin membranes are used to increase collagen production around the eyes after the feeding process. After waiting for approximately 15-20 minutes, the patches are removed. The next step is to apply serum around the eyes and on the eyelid. As the last step, cold cream is applied.

The entire process takes approximately 40 minutes. There is no feeling of pain during the procedure. The number of sessions varies according to the condition of the person to be treated. On average, it can vary between 4-8 sessions. Session intervals are determined as every 15 days. After the application, you can continue your daily life from where you left off.


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