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How is a forehead lift performed? – 2022

forehead lift

How is a forehead lift performed?

Which surgical method is right for you will be determined during your personal consultation.

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Forehead lift

When the elasticity of the skin or the muscles on the forehead decreases, wrinkles appear or the skin begins to sag. The so-called “frown line” often deepens. This can be corrected with a forehead lift – often referred to as an upper facelift or forehead smoothing. Depending on the initial findings, a forehead lift can be performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis

During an individual consultation, the cause of the optical malfunction is examined. Afterwards different operation methods will be combined.

Why does a forehead sag and how do forehead wrinkles form?

The aging process causes a loss of elasticity in the corresponding soft tissues (connective tissue, muscles and skin). This initially leads to a gravity-based descent with a change in shape of the corresponding region.

There is also the possibility that tension and cramping of the muscles in the forehead cause or increase the wrinkles (especially the transverse muscles that cause the “frown lines”).

This can be corrected with a forehead lift.

What is the procedure for a forehead lift or forehead lift?

Before deciding on a treatment, an explanation in the form of a consultation is necessary.

First, the reason for the wrinkling must be determined. In addition, it must be differentiated whether a surgical intervention or a corresponding wrinkle treatment is necessary.

In addition, the overall harmony of your face must be taken into account so that the appropriate scope of treatment can be defined. Once this has been clarified, you will be shown the various treatment methods and their associated advantages and disadvantages. The corresponding risks are also presented to you.

How is a forehead lift performed?

Depending on your initial findings, the following surgical methods are used:

Open Forehead Lift

The cut is made right at the hairline from ear to ear. The affected skin area is carefully lifted and tightened accordingly. Depending on the initial requirements, the eyebrows and cheeks can also be lifted.

Endoscopic forehead lift

The incision is made across the crown with 2 to 4 incisions of approx. 1.5 cm each, depending on the initial findings. Otherwise, the operation is the same as for an open forehead lift.

Which surgical method is right for you will be determined during your personal consultation.


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