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How does an eyebrow lift work? – 2022

eyebrow lift

How does an eyebrow lift work?

The eyebrow lift can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis and…

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What is an eyebrow lift?

An eyebrow lift, also known as a brow lift or eyebrow lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can raise sagging eyebrows and give the face a new look. As the skin loses its elasticity with age, it can sag and make the face appear older. Especially in the area of ​​the eyes and eyebrows, this has a great influence on the overall appearance of the face. The trains can appear tired and sad. An eyebrow lift raises the sagging skin, opens the view and thus has a significant rejuvenating effect.

There are various methods that can lift and tighten eyebrows and eyelids as well as the forehead, depending on the extent and severity of the correction required. For this, small incisions are made in the area of ​​the eyebrows or the hairline, excess skin is removed and the facial skin is pulled back. In this way, the face is tightened and the brows are lifted.

How does an eyebrow lift work?

The eyebrow lift can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis and requires no further hospital stay. The course of the operation depends on the type of method chosen to raise the eyebrows.

Pure eyebrow lifting

If only a brow lift without an additional tightening of the forehead is desired, there are various methods of implementation. One option is to make an incision at the top of the eyebrow, remove a small strip of skin, and sew the skin back up. In this way, the brow is raised and the gaze opens up. This procedure is particularly suitable for people with thick, bushy eyebrows, which can easily cover up future scars.

For people with finer eyebrows, it is recommended to make the skin incision required for lifting at the hairline on the scalp. The short cut, placed more to the side, makes it possible to lift the brows from above. Again, excess skin is removed and the skin pulled back. This automatically leads to a slight tightening of the temples.

Eyebrow lift with additional forehead lift

Another way to raise the eyebrows is to combine a brow lift and a brow lift. As a rule, the work is done endoscopically, i.e. only minimal incisions are necessary to carry out the operation. With this form of eyebrow lifting, the incisions are also placed in the hairline of the scalp hair. The facial skin is detached from the forehead, pulled back as a whole and fixed. Excess skin is removed, tightening and smoothing the forehead. The eyebrows are also raised, which lifts them and opens the view. Due to the additional forehead lift, this method has a clear rejuvenating effect.

Thread lift

Thread lifting is a newer method of wrinkle treatment within plastic-aesthetic surgery. It can also be used for an eyebrow lift. Fine, barbed threads are inserted through the smallest incisions in the upper area of ​​the eyebrows. They pull the skin up and hold it tight. This lifts and sets the brows without removing excess skin. The threads dissolve by themselves over time, but newly formed connective tissue ensures that the eyebrow lift is permanent.

What criteria must be met in order for a patient to be suitable for an eyebrow lift?

In principle, there are hardly any criteria that can exclude a patient from an eyebrow lift. However, care should be taken to stop taking blood-thinning medication a few weeks before the operation. This should be discussed in detail with the doctor treating you. If there are circumstances that do not allow general anesthesia, it must be clarified in advance whether the desired intervention can also be carried out under local anesthesia. It should also be noted that nicotine consumption can have a negative impact on the healing process. Smoking should therefore be avoided for a few weeks before and after the operation.


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