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Hair loss remedy – 2022

hair loss

Hair loss remedy

Not every hair loss has to be hereditary, which makes a good search for the most likely cause all the more important.

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When the head goes bald

What is special about human hair is that it never all falls out and grows back at the same time – so humans do not molt like birds or change their coat seasonally like some mammals. “Some of the scalp hair grows back continuously, around 15 percent is in a resting phase and around 100 pieces fall out every day,” says dermatologist Garcia Bartels. If you lose more hair – subjectively felt or counted objectively – this can have many different causes. The two most common types of hair loss result in a reduction in density according to a specific pattern: First, the receding hairline and the tonsure at the back of the head are typically observed in men, which can grow together to the point of balding. After that, often only a fringe of hair remains. This striking shape results from the fact that there are fewer receptors, i.e. small antennae, on the corresponding hair root cells that initiate hair loss. Although this pattern also exists in women, it rarely occurs in such a strong form. Secondly, one knows, above all in women, but also in men, the broadening of the parting, which becomes flatter towards the top.

Hair loss remedy

Not every hair loss has to be hereditary, which makes a good search for the most likely cause all the more important. Therefore, at the beginning of a hair loss treatment, there is a detailed discussion and a medical examination with a precise inspection of the scalp, ideally also a trichogram or a trichoscan supported by video – modern examination methods with which one can determine the current hair root status. The doctor clarifies the condition of the scalp, whether the hair can be pulled out easily, whether the hair loss is hereditary or whether the hair falls out diffusely over the head. Pathological causes such as a lack of iron, changes in the thyroid gland or chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, which can each cause hair loss, must also be ruled out.


If the hair loss cannot be explained by previous illnesses or as a side effect of medication and is purely hereditary, various preparations can give the hair density a new shine. Means are used that are either applied directly to the corresponding area or swallowed as a tablet and absorbed in the body. The point here is that there are no longer any living cells in the hair, so any products that you apply directly to your hair are more figuratively smeared into your hair. In reality, growth can only be influenced if you get to the living cells, and they are located under the scalp.

Hair transplant

There is another modern option against hair loss, namely a hair transplant. This falls within the purview of specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons. These look for their transplants in areas that are not affected by hair loss. This means the remaining hair from the rear hair fringe, because they are usually the only ones suitable for transplantation, as they have no genetic information and no increased sensitivity to hair loss.


If you have the feeling that you are losing more hair and you know this from family members, you should not wait until hair loss has a noticeable effect. It makes sense to first count the hair that has fallen out and check for the magic number 100. Self-therapy, on the other hand, is not recommended by experts.


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