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Hair Loss: Does lack of sleep affect the hair – 2022

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Hair Loss: Does lack of sleep affect the hair

Yes, lack of sleep can lead to hair loss. Sleep is a time when the body recovers. On average 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary to…


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Can Lack of Sleep Lead to Hair Loss?


Does lack of sleep affect the hair

Lately I have had insomnia and I am worried if that lack of sleep has worsened the condition of my already weakened hair? Can Insufficient Sleep Cause Hair Loss? If so, can I do anything to prevent hair loss other than get more sleep?


Yes, lack of sleep can lead to hair loss. Sleep is a time when the body recovers. On average 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary to be healthy, because lack of sleep leads to exhaustion of the body, inability to concentrate well, irritability, weight gain and many other health problems including thinning hair.

Lack of sleep can have negative consequences for hair, hair loss, dryness and lifelessness. It can even cause slower hair growth and of course more bristles on your brush than usual. Inability to get enough sleep also affects the body’s immune system and leads to physiological stress. Even lack of sleep affects your mental and physical endurance, and the level of hormones your body needs. Stress can cause various forms of hair loss such as telogen effluvium and can be a trigger for hair loss.

It is therefore no surprise that lack of sleep as a type of stress can also have a negative effect on the hair.

Provide conditions for easier sleep. Get ready an hour before bed. By turning off computers and cell phones. And get something to read with a hot drink. It will help you relax and fall asleep easier. If your sleep problems persist you should talk to your GP. To find out the reason for that. General advice for those concerned about dry and brittle hair includes treating your ends with conditioners. Non-rinsing or hair oils that stick while you sleep and that will help improve hair quality. Sleeping on satin or silk pillowcases can reduce the level of friction during sleep and reduce hair damage.

We advise trichological analysis of hair and scalp. By examining the hair and scalp, trichologists will determine the degree of thinning hair, the cause of hair loss, the condition of the scalp. And the possibility of new hair growth. It can be determined if you have a decline due to lack of sleep or it is hereditary baldness. Or maybe a combination of both forms of decline. Based on the trichological analysis, our doctors will recommend therapy. Adequate for getting optimal results in your case.


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