Genioplasty Surgery (Mentoplasty) – 2022


Genioplasty Surgery (Mentoplasty)

Mentoplasty (genioplasty) is a plastic surgery to correct the shape and size of the chin. After mentoplasty, the appearance of a person’s face becomes more harmonious and attractive.

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Genioplasty Surgery

Mentoplasty is the Art of Aesthetic Chin Surgery.

Mentoplasty (genioplasty) is a plastic surgery to correct the shape and size of the chin. After mentoplasty, the appearance of a person’s face becomes more harmonious and attractive.

The chin is a facial bone projection located at the bottom of the lower jaw. The chin performs an important role in the overall structure of the face, as it supports and forms its contours. To some extent, it also determines the transparency of facial expressions and speech.

In some cases, it may be necessary to change the shape or size of the chin, for example:

  • -the chin is too small or too large;
  • -the chin is asymmetrical;
  • -the chin has a pointed tip;
  • -the chin deviates to one side;
  • -the chin has an unusual shape that causes discomfort to a person;
  • -double chin (due to excess weight or sagging skin);
  • -unattractive dimples on the skin covering the lower jawbone (caused by impurities in the bone tissue).

For the chin plastic, there are two main approaches:

invasive and non-invasive.

The operation of mentoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and takes about an hour. The operation is as follows:

The skin in the chin area is cut along a special incision that runs along the natural crease line under the chin;

With a special surgical saw, a hinge of bone tissue is formed on the back surface of the chin;

Then it is moved to the desired position – either forward or backward. After that, the bone hinge is fixed with plates and screws;

Then all layers are stitched up, and a bandage is applied;

After an hour and a half after surgery, it is possible to take small sips of water. It can be removed only in 2 days. In this case, it is necessary to observe bed rest for at least 2 weeks. Three weeks after surgery on genioplasty, you can return to work (if a sedentary job). But physical activity should be avoided for 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Among the most common indications for genioplasty, we can name:

  • chin augmentation (cheekbones are enlarged due to the installation of an implant);
  • chin reduction (removal of excess bone tissue);
  • correction of age-related changes (a decrease in muscle tone and a decrease in skin elasticity often cause sagging of the chin and the appearance of deep wrinkles).

Chin plastic surgery is performed:

  • – with deformities of the chin due to trauma;
  • – with congenital defects (cleft palate, cleft lip, asymmetry);
  • – with a significant lack of chin (hypoplasia);
  • – in case of an excessively protruding chin (prognathism);
  • – with age-related changes in the shape and size of the chin.

A chin operation is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation will be 40-50 minutes.

The plastic surgeon can enlarge or narrow the chin in different ways:

Using an implant is the most common method of increasing the chin. An implant is a synthetic material that looks like bone and has a bone structure. Such implants are not rejected by the body, they do not shift and do not migrate over time. The implant can be made of silicone, titanium, or polyethylene and is selected depending on the patient’s anatomical features.

Bone tissue transplantation – osteoplasty is used to increase or decrease the chin depending on the nature of the defect. To narrow the chin, part of the bone is removed; to increase it, bone tissue is added to it. Thus, this method gives a natural result and good fixation of the transplant with minimal risk of shifting to an unnatural position with time.

Genioplasty also includes suture surgery, which is performed with smaller changes in shape or size when there is no need for implant replacement or bone tissue transplantation (osteoplasty).


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