Genioplasty: Risks and possible complications – 2022


Genioplasty: Risks and possible complications

Fortunately, there are very few cases with complications. However, it is important to be aware of all possible risks before beginning surgery.

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Chin surgery postoperative

If an osteotomy-based mentoplasty was performed, it will be important to respect some postoperative indications to achieve a rapid recovery in the shortest possible time. The patient is advised to adopt a semi-liquid diet for the first few days (avoid hot foods for the first 48 hours) and to maintain impeccable oral hygiene. After 3 days you can resume normal daily activity.

The results can be seen from the first days but will have a definitive appearance after 1 or 2 months.

The results

The results are immediately visible, both after a genoplasty and after an osteotomy, although to evaluate the final results, it is generally necessary to wait 3 months after the operation for the swelling and bruising to completely disappear.

In general, patients are very satisfied with the surgery and with the results that give them greater self-confidence and improve their self-esteem.

Risks and possible complications

Fortunately, there are very few cases with complications. However, it is important to be aware of all possible risks before beginning surgery. The ISAPS lists the general risks related to general anesthesia and those related to surgery:

  • bleeding
  • sensitivity disorders
  • lack of bone healing
  • dental injuries
  • fusion of bone fragments
  • implant rejection

As for the imperfections, the surgeon can easily touch them up. However, it is recommended to wait several months to do the touch-up because the area has to be completely healed.

Non-invasive mentoplasty technique

In some cases, patients may opt for non-invasive alternatives to alter the shape of the chin. These are:

  • Lipofilling mentoplasty. This technique consists of taking a portion of fat from a donor area of ​​the patient, treating it with the Coleman technique and injecting it into the chin. Fat is reabsorbed and may require touch up.
  • Mentoplasty with hyaluronic acid. The doctor injects hyaluronic acid to reshape the chin, in this case a medical rhinoplasty is often performed simultaneously to reshape the nose. These injections must be repeated every 8-12 months.
  • Belkyra. To date it is the only non-invasive treatment to treat double chin. Belkyra is a medicine that, injected into the area under the chin, allows the melting of deposited fats that are then reabsorbed by the body. The effects are visible from the first session but to fully appreciate the potential of this technique, it is necessary to perform at least 2 to 4 sessions.

Doubts and frequently asked questions

  • How long does the mentoplasty postoperative period last? In the case of a treatment with fillers, it is possible to resume normal activities from the next day, while in the more invasive reconstruction techniques they require 7 to 14 days for a complete recovery.
  • Can the sensitivity of the lips be lost after chin surgery? Loss of sensitivity is one of the possible side effects of mentoplasty that disappears in two months.
  • What other interventions can be done to improve the profile? Neck and chin liposuction, jaw surgery, rhinoplasty, and cheek augmentation are possible.
  • What is profiloplasty? Some patients decide to perform a mentoplasty at the same time as a rhinoplasty to harmonize their profile. This is called profiloplasty.
  • What does the chin surgery scar look like? The intervention scar is hidden inside the mouth. However, in the case of implant placement, a discreet external incision can be made under the chin.


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