Genioplasty: Rehabilitation after chin plastic surgery – 2022


Genioplasty: Rehabilitation after chin plastic surgery

After the operation, the patient’s stay in the hospital lasts from several hours to a day. Genioplasty

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Mentoplasty (genioplasty)

Plastic surgery is aimed at meeting various human needs: rejuvenation, beautification, correction of external imperfections. Such an operation as mentoplasty – chin plastic, also called genioplasty, is aimed at solving all of the above problems.

The shape of the chin greatly affects the overall appearance of both men and women. Tightened, graceful, clear chin angle gives the face aristocracy and sophistication, restores youth. In addition, the shape of the chin significantly determines the oval of the face, therefore, with the help of mentoplasty, it can also be corrected.

Mentoplasty (genioplasty) is a plastic surgery to correct the shape and size of the chin. After mentoplasty, the appearance of a person’s face becomes more harmonious and attractive.

Types of mentoplasty

  • Augmentation mentoplasty. This type of operation is aimed at correcting such a defect as an underdeveloped lower jaw.
  • Reducing mentoplasty. This procedure is aimed at reducing the size of the chin in case of a pronounced protrusion of the lower jaw.

Mentoplasty can be performed in several ways:

  • Endoprosthetics;
  • Lipofilling;
  • Liposuction;
  • Removal of bone tissue.

Endoprosthetics is one of the ways to correct the chin area using special implants. Silicone implants are very light, quickly installed, and allow you to correct the shape of the chin. In addition, in mentoplasty it is possible to use the cartilage of the patient himself. Such a procedure absolutely does not cause allergic reactions and rejection of its own material, but the establishment of cartilage may be short-lived, and the size of the cartilage material is also limited.

Lipofilling – correction of the shape of the chin by injecting the patient’s own fatty tissue. The procedure is hypoallergenic, aimed at eliminating minor defects.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed by pumping out fatty tissue from the chin area. The following is a facelift.

Excision of bone tissue is the most difficult type of correction of the chin area. The operation lasts up to 3 hours and consists in removing excess bone tissue of the chin.

Indications for mentoplasty:

  • Congenital defects of the chin (aesthetically unattractive shape, asymmetry);
  • Large, “heavy” chin;
  • Small, unexpressed chin;
  • Post-traumatic condition of the chin area;
  • The presence of a double chin, which is caused by age-related changes or weight problems.

Contraindications for chin plasty – mentoplasty:

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • The presence of diabetes;
  • Oncology;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation;
  • Individual intolerance to drugs required during the operation.

Rehabilitation after chin plastic surgery.

After the operation, the patient’s stay in the hospital lasts from several hours to a day. The first 2-3 days are shown wearing a special fixing bandage. At first, the face is swollen, numbness of the lower third of the face may be present, but this is a natural reaction of the body to surgical intervention. In order for the puffiness to quickly disappear from the face, you must try to keep your head in an elevated position.

It is recommended to take only liquid food to avoid additional pain.

It is necessary to rinse the mouth with special antiseptic agents recommended by the doctor. This will help to avoid infection of the seams.

During the month, it is desirable to exclude physical activity, avoid overheating, direct sunlight, visits to the bath and sauna, solarium.


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