Genioplasty: Recovery chin in a child – 2022


Genioplasty: Recovery chin in a child

A growing child with a receding mandible and chin has a major advantage over adults with the same problem. Genioplasty

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Genioplasty in Piedras Negras 2022



Genioplasty, which is a surgical procedure to change the appearance of the chin. The correction of an unsightly or unsightly chin helps to restore the balance of the profile and the harmony of the face.
Genioplasty aims to correct two main types of defects:

  • A chin that is too far back, erased, insufficient (retreat); an imperfection that is quite common.
  • A too advanced or “strong” (protruding) chin.

Surgical movements can be done in 3 dimensions if the asymmetry requires it.

  • Muscles are attached to the bone segments which will be moved so this will have an influence on the soft tissues of the lower third of the face and the lips.
  • During surgery, the movement of the bone segments can be varied in amplitude and direction (movement ± forward, down or up, or to one side more than the other) depending on the desired aesthetic objectives.
  • This can also directly affect “lip proficiency” or the ability to keep the lips in contact at rest.
  • A genioplasty does not affect the position of the teeth because the surgical cuts are made in the bone under the roots of the teeth. If the dentition must also be moved with the chin, then mandibular advancement surgery is chosen.

Recovery chin in a child

  • A growing child with a receding mandible and chin has a major advantage over adults with the same problem. As long as there is some potential for growth, it is best to use this asset before considering surgery to correct an imbalanced chin.
  • If the treatment is done in a timely manner, growth and orthodontics can achieve significant changes without surgery.

Genioplasty combined with other surgical procedures

  • Genioplasties are often an adjunct to jaw surgery procedures to increase results and profile change.
  • For example, in cases of class 2 malocclusion with significant mandibular retrognathia, surgical mandibular advancement may be indicated and if this does not modify the chin enough, advancement genioplasty may be done as an adjunct to further increase chin protrusion .
  • The same phenomenon is possible with class 3 malocclusion requiring a retraction of the mandible (mandibular prognathia); if the chin remains too strong or advanced following the retraction of the mandible, a retraction genioplasty can be performed to better balance the profile of the face.


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