Genioplasty: Purpose of the intervention – 2022


Genioplasty: Purpose of the intervention

Genioplasty is an alternative to chin augmentation with prosthesis and consists of a horizontal osteotomy of the chin symphysis.

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Advantages of Sliding Genioplasty vs Chin Implants for Augmenting the Chin


Purpose of the intervention

Additive mentoplasty consists in inserting a special prosthesis (alloplastic implants) in front of the mandibular bone, in order to increase the projection and, if necessary, the width of the chin, increasing its horizontal proportions. It is a surgical procedure that allows the correction of the profile and shape of the chin, if it is small or moderately set back, without any vertical discrepancy in terms of facial length.

This intervention is indicated if the possible alternative choice of an intervention on the mandibular bone is not accepted.

Genioplasty is an alternative to chin augmentation with prosthesis and consists of a horizontal osteotomy of the chin symphysis. It is a useful and very helpful procedure that allows you to correct, in addition to the horizontal discrepancy, also the vertical relationships (excessive length or shortness of the chin) that exist within the face.

The greatest advantage of genioplasty, compared to the use of alloplastic implants, is the great versatility it offers the surgeon. Specifically, the osteotomized mandibular symphysis represents vascularized material that can be manipulated in several ways, both to reduce or increase the length of the chin, as well as to increase the anterior projection.

Against the advantage of not using prosthetic material, there is the disadvantage of a more invasive procedure than using a chin prosthesis. It too does not in any way modify any defects of dental occlusion that may be present.

They are procedures indicated in the correction of congenital or acquired deformities of the mandible and in the outcomes of trauma.

The degree of correction varies from individual to individual and is influenced by the quality of the skin and the shape and size of the underlying skeleton.

The chin must be seen as a whole inserted into the whole face and harmoniously integrated with respect to its proportions. The goal of the intervention is the correction of defects, trying to obtain a “natural” result. It is not recommended, for example, to reproduce the shape of the chin according to a predefined pattern that is not customized.

There are several techniques for performing a mentoplasty. The technique used must be individualized with regard to the characteristics of the patient, his expectations and any required result.

Mentoplasty can also be performed at the same time as other facial surgical procedures.

The best candidates for mentoplasty surgery are Patients who desire an improvement in their appearance, but who have a certain psychological stability and realistic expectations.

Preparation for surgery

To perform a mentoplasty it is necessary to wait for the overall growth of the face to be completed and this happens no earlier than the age of 18. In the case of severe deviations or deformities of the jaw, with obvious alterations in chewing, the surgery can also be performed in puberty.

Before the surgery, in order to ascertain the patient’s physical fitness, the reports of the analyzes and any pre-operative examinations that may be prescribed must be delivered together with this signed document. Before proceeding with the corrective intervention of mentoplasty, the patient may be advised to undergo an orthodontic dental examination which generally must include an assessment of the occlusion / chewing. In special cases, an allergological evaluation will be required.

The surgery must not be performed in pregnant patients; in case of doubt, specific investigations must be made.

It is preferable, although not mandatory in all cases, to avoid the period coinciding with menstruation.

Any pharmacological therapies in progress, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic therapies must be reported.

In addition, possible allergies to antibiotics and drugs in general must be reported.

At least 3 weeks before surgery, you will have to stop taking medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid or vitamin E.

The simultaneous intake of oral anticoagulants is to be considered a contraindication to the intervention.

Regarding the simultaneous intake of substances such as low molecular weight heparin, the suspension or not will be adequately discussed with the surgeon.

At least a month before, it is recommended to stop smoking, which certainly has negative influences on the skin and tissue vascularization, in fact, smoking limits the flow of blood to the skin and can interfere with the healing processes. Some studies have shown that the incidence of complications is about 10 times higher in smokers.

It is necessary to promptly inform about any onset, before surgery, of colds, sore throats, coughs, skin diseases, which could compromise the serene and diligent course of the operation.

The day before the surgery, a thorough cleaning bath, a shampoo, and the nail polish removed from the fingernails and toenails must be done. The evening before, make-up must be removed completely and delicately from the face, and on the day of the surgery, do not apply any make-up to the face. Before surgery, fasting of
at least 8 hours from solid foods and drinks.

It is good to wear clothing with comfortable sleeves that open completely at the front and wear comfortable shoes without heels.

It is advisable to have an accompanying person present in the immediate post-operative period and for returning home after the surgery.


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