Genioplasty: Chin plastic surgery – 2022


Genioplasty: Chin plastic surgery

The defined chin in proportion to the size of the facial features contributes to increasing its beauty and highlighting its features. Genioplasty

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Chin plastic surgery

Chin plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure common among men and women, and this process is among the facial plastic surgeries that are popular with many people because it helps them increase their self-confidence and increase the proportion of their facial features with each other.

The defined chin in proportion to the size of the facial features contributes to increasing its beauty and highlighting its features. In fact, the feature of plastic surgery of the slightly long chin has recently emerged as an aesthetic feature among international fashion models, which increased the desire of women to obtain this aesthetic feature.

What are chin augmentation surgeries, and what is the expected cost? Where can this operation be performed, and who are the best doctors specializing in it? Am I a suitable candidate for this operation? What are the risks involved and the complications that I may be exposed to during the operation? How can I choose the right medical center? What are the common types of chin plastic surgery? All this and more you know with us through Tajmeeli, your guide in the world of plastic surgery. You can also check out our other articles to learn more information about double chin removal, and other different cosmetic surgeries.

What is chin augmentation?

Chin plastic surgery known as “Chin plastic surgery” or “Mentoplasty” is a process in which the shape of the chin is modified to suit more facial aesthetics. This process may include a certain change in the shape of chin surgery, chin surgery, or even the process of implanting some implants in chin surgery, so the result is chin surgery.

In many cases, plastic surgeons recommend chin surgery to patients who want to undergo rhinoplasty, and this is done to maintain the aesthetic proportion of the face, because the shape of chin surgery often affects the shape of the nose and the mental image of its size.

In general, chin plastic surgery helps to add consistency to the facial features, which increases the individual’s self-confidence and his sense of handsomeness and beauty.

Chin augmentation with fillers

Chin augmentation with fillers is a non-surgical technique used to improve the appearance of the face by adding volume to a small or weak chin, and it is augmented by injection into the soft tissues near the skeleton of the chin.

The results of chin augmentation with fillers are temporary, but they usually last up to 12 months, and may sometimes be performed to help the patient create realistic expectations before performing the permanent chin augmentation.

Among the advantages of chin augmentation with fillers is the immediate improvement, the absence of a recovery period, and the dispensation of anesthesia as it is performed under local anesthesia only, and its cost is less than the cost of chin plastic surgery, but in the end it does not give strong and lasting results like surgery.

Some famous people who underwent chin surgery

  • American actress Ashlee Simpson.
  • International star Angelina Jolie.
  • International superstar Christina Hendrick.
  • International superstar Sienna Miller.
  • Preston Palin is the daughter of well-known politician Sarah Palin.
  • Actress Amy Rawson, who underwent surgery to correct the tip of her nose and the tip of her chin, at the famous surgeon Mark Murphy.
  • Star Alice Eve.
  • Actress Jessica Chastain.
  • Actress Katie Holmes.
  • TV star Heidi Montag had her chin plastic surgery done by Edmund Fisher.
  • International star Betty Burns
  • International star Robert Pattinson, star of the famous movie series Twilight
  • International superstar Johnny Depp
  • Actor Ryan Reynolds
  • International singer Sting


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