Genioplasty: Alternative methods – 2022


Genioplasty: Alternative methods

The increase in the projection of the chin, in addition to the aforementioned genioplasty intervention in which the chin part of the…

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As already mentioned, the result of a mentoplasty or genioplasty intervention is determined not only by the choice of the surgeon’s behavior, but also by a variable number of factors.

These are related both to the choice of the size and shape of the prostheses and to individual ones, such as the underlying bone structure (thickness and shape of the bones), the thickness and quality of the skin, the shape of the face, age, general physical conditions , the quantity and quality of defects to be corrected and hormonal influences. The extent of the improvement is therefore conditioned by the starting situation, regardless of the technique used.

Thus, the results of mentoplasty are better in some individuals than in others, based on the factors indicated.

Under normal conditions, swelling and bruising after surgery will significantly diminish in a few weeks. The final result, on the other hand, cannot be appreciated before at least 6 months have passed since the intervention. Any corrective interventions will need to be scheduled at the end of this healing process.

While using all the knowledge available to the state of the art, it is possible that minor irregularities or defects, in most cases palpable, but not evident to an external observer, rarely remain during the mentoplasty.

If these irregularities are clinically evident, or in the presence of more important profile deformities and / or shape asymmetries, secondary corrective interventions are possible.

The result achieved with mentoplasty and genioplasty is permanent. However, it should be considered that the tissues stretched by the prostheses are still subject to the physiological processes of aging and the force of gravity.

As already mentioned in the introductory part, it is a medical and surgical act, and since surgery is not an exact science, the percentage of improvement in the defect to be corrected and the extent and duration of the result cannot be precisely predicted. , as well as the quality of residual scars and the possible constitution of complications, since these events depend not only on the surgical techniques used, but even more on the body’s responses. Consequently, while respecting the rules of Plastic Surgery, the intervention may not, exceptionally, lead to the achievement of the objectives and the desired result and therefore cannot be assured or guaranteed.

Scars and other sequelae

The scars placed inside the mouth on the mucous-gingival vestibule are not visible. For a few months these scars exhibit greater consistency and stiffness on palpation.

When external scars are needed, it is reasonable to expect appropriate healing, with a suitable quality of scarring and consequently not very visible. Especially since, in this surgery, the skin scars are well camouflaged, because they are usually located near a natural fold (submental sulcus), even if there is always the risk of pathological scarring. In patients where the mental increase is followed by an increased anterior projection, the incision will be placed a few millimeters posteriorly.

The quality of the scars varies over the months and largely depends on the individual skin response. Some patients, as a result of excessive tissue reactivity, may very rarely develop red or raised scars and, therefore, more easily visible, which last even several months or are permanent (hypertrophic scars) or “enlarged” scars of normal color ( hypotrophic scars). Their visibility generally decreases over time. This is an unpredictable eventuality, albeit a rare occurrence. Bad quality and unsightly scars can be corrected with medical treatment or surgery after a suitable period (6-12 months).

Alternative methods

The increase in the projection of the chin, in addition to the aforementioned genioplasty intervention in which the chin part of the mandible is mobilized by osteotomy and fixed in the new position, can be obtained with the use of fillers, which cause slight and transient modifications of the profile , or with self-hypotransplantation, which produces more stable changes.


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