Genioplasty advantages – 2022


Genioplasty advantages

Effect can last for a long time after surgery by pulling up the layer under the skin and fixing it. Genioplasty

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What is face lift surgery?

Face lift is a procedure in which incisions are made on the sides of both ears and the face is pulled tight. It is effective in improving wrinkles on the entire face. It is a facial wrinkle surgery that straightens the nasolabial folds around the mouth, sagging cheeks and jaw line, and pulls the skin around the neck toward the ears.

There are two types of skin aging, the first is aging caused by time, which inevitably comes with age, and the other is photoaging caused by light rays (especially ultraviolet rays). As the amount of collagen in the dermal layer of the skin decreases, the amount of collagen in the dermal layer of the skin decreases, and the elastic fibers change as a result, resulting in the skin being stretched. In addition, wind, heat, tobacco, and UV rays accelerate the aging of the skin.
The only way to remove wrinkles that have already occurred is through surgery. However, it does not disappear completely after surgery, and it remains as a thin line, so it is much more effective to have surgery before deep valleys of wrinkles form.

Target of face lift surgery

  • If the entire face is wrinkled
  • If you look saggy
  • Those who have already advanced a lot of aging and have difficulty improving with thread lifting
  • If wrinkles are not resolved even with botox or fillers

Surgical method

The incision starts in the hair on the side of the head, goes through the front of the ear, goes around the earlobe, goes up to the back of the ear, and goes back into the hair.

What is MACS Lift?

Max Lifting, an essential face lift in the face lift surgery, stands for MACS Lifting (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lifting) and is literally a minimal incision lift. Minimally incision Max Lifting cuts the extra wrinkled skin in front of the ear while tying the skin and soft tissues including the sagging facial muscle Smas and the neck Plasma using an insoluble thread to fix it on the hard temporalis membrane in front of the ear. This is an operation to raise the saggy soft tissue.


  • Effect can last for a long time after surgery by pulling up the layer under the skin and fixing it
  • Small surgical range, less swelling, and very short recovery period

Pre-Surgery Precautions

  • For women, it is recommended to avoid surgery during menstruation.
  • If you have any medications you normally take, ask your doctor, and aspirin or painkillers interfere with the hemostasis, so you should stop taking them 2 weeks before surgery.

Precautions after surgery

  • There are no special side effects after surgery, but blood may collect in the operated area.
  • During surgery, the facial nerve may be slightly paralyzed due to excessive pulling. However, it is usually a temporary shape that appears due to the pulling of the nerve, and as time passes, all will return to normal.
  • It is recommended to rest for 1 week after surgery if possible. Avoid strenuous exercise for 2 weeks
  • After surgery, avoid drinking alcohol or sauna for 4-5 weeks, avoid exposure to UV rays for several months, and apply sunscreen thoroughly.


Are there any preparations before surgery?

After sufficient consultation, when surgery is decided, medications and underlying diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are checked. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from drinking or smoking, as it will slow the recovery period.

When can I lead a normal life after surgery?

Your face may look strange at first after surgery, but this is due to swelling. You will get better in about 2 weeks and you will feel much better after 3 weeks. Most of the daily activities are possible after 1 to 2 weeks, and you can apply makeup if necessary.

Are there any complications or sequelae after surgery?

When it is performed by a plastic surgeon, sciatica rarely occurs, or if it does occur, it is usually mild. However, hematomas, infections, and delayed healing of the skin are rare but do occur. Before surgery, you can reduce the risk of complications by discussing with your doctor enough about smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.


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