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Gastric Balloon: Recommandations after the procedure – 2022

gastric balloon

Gastric Balloon: Recommandations after the procedure

Depending on the modification, the gastric balloon is fixed for a period of six months or a year.

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Gastric Balloon in Dubai – 2022


Anatomy and gastric physiology fon

The stomach is the longest part of the alimentary canal between the esophagus and the duodenum. With a normal amount of two liters for an adult, this “stick bag” holds food for an hour or two exposing its gastric juices. As part of the digestive solution in addition to hydrochloric acid, there are a number of enzymes. The main purpose of gastric juice is a chemical breakdown of proteins ingested in food.

Stomach located in the upper left quadrant. Without going into the anatomical details, it is isolated: the lower part of the body and the pylorus. Gatekeeper – Gatekeeper – a place where the stomach passes into the duodenum, is provided with a sphincter. Its task is to regulate the output of the intestinal food supply. occurs directly in the digestive tract of the stomach. A sub-baro-receptors are located, among other things, that are interesting – the central signals of the brain saturated in special sensitive areas.

Dreaming of a ball in the stomach

Throughout history, mankind has tried to find an easier solution to life. This feature was the driving force for progress. Thanks to its wheel, steam engine and all other important discoveries were invented.

Here in terms of modern nutrition can also be applied and used since the twentieth century, gastric balloon. His invention is literally a revolution in the principles of combating obesity. Due to the fairly simple installation rule balloon inside the stomach, the carrier has to suffer from extra weight loss diets, tedious exercise. There is no need to carry out radical surgical measures to reduce the volume and such placement of the abdominal group.

After endoscopic administration of the intra-abdominal balloon, the results showed a smooth and significant reduction in body weight. According to studies in various clinics, with a very long experience of this procedure, the reduction varies from 16 to 23% of the patient’s original weight.

Cylinder installation technique

Before the cylinder is installed, the patient undergoes a mandatory test. This advice includes nutritionist and gastroenterologist, mandatory inspection of motor and enzyme assessment of the function of the mucous membrane of the stomach, its function. necessary analysis and research. the degree of risk of symptoms and complications.

The patient is given a date of admission based on the favorable results of the survey. It means a day in the hospital, and the installation itself takes about half an hour. Whether it works under the supervision of a gastroscope. The patient feels that the procedure fibroezofagogastroduodenoskopii is not very different. Anesthesia is local, although some clinics use short-term anesthesia for more flexibility when deciding to lose weight.

An empty balloon is inserted into the stomach. Inside the wire conductor is a tube with a diameter of 7 mm – to make the valve through an additional catheter (visible on radiographs) through a radiopaque. The balloon inlet is removed and the medical catheter is conducted through the balloon cavity and then filled with saline filled with silicone rubber. The volume varies from 500 to 700 milliliters. the pipe valve is broken and restored. Visual inspection is carried out on a properly installed cylinder, extracted gastroscope – gastric balloon installation procedure is over.

Recommandations after the procedure

A feeling of constant fullness in the stomach may be accompanied by occasional nausea and / or feeling discomfort (pain). Also, there is enough filling in the cylinder that feelings of hunger can be expressed. When these symptoms need to go to a professional consultation clinic, where the procedure is performed for volume correction or drug use.

In the first hours after the procedure, the patient should be provided with severe restrictions on food intake. So during the first day of reception gave only liquid foods. The gradual introduction of solid foods into the diet should come on schedule, painted by the attending physician. Do not exceed the allowable amount of a meal and liquid. A number of products (increase the acidity of gastric juice and sodas) are completely removed from the diet.

Depending on the modification, the gastric balloon is fixed for a period of six months or a year. All this time requires the use of drugs to reduce acidity in the hospital by the attending physician. The drug omeprozola is usually prescribed.

It is also necessary to change the patient’s lifestyle during this period. Strengthening the limitation of sports and existing food intake will improve gastronomic change priorities and significantly improve long-term outcomes. This will help stabilize the weight at that level.


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