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Gastric Balloon Potential diseases – 2022

gastric balloon

Gastric Balloon Potential diseases

Gastric balloon therapy is a relatively new weight loss method that has both dietary and appetite-suppressing and mechanical “stomach-narrowing” ingredients.

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Potential diseases

  • diabetes,
  • high cholesterol and triglyceride levels,
  • high blood pressure disease
  • pathological atherosclerosis, consequent coronary, cerebral and arterial diseases (heart attack, stroke, vascular occlusion),
  • liver and bile diseases,
  • musculoskeletal degenerative diseases,
  • cancerous diseases,
  • decreased fertility,
  • sleep apnea.

In recent years, the proportion of obese people has been gradually increasing, and according to some forecasts it may reach 30–35% of the population in the near future, of which approx. 10% may be severely obese. This condition also means altered / decreased ability to work. It is very important to take action against it in some medically acceptable way, and the methods for reducing obesity are called dieting. This can be a simple starvation (a “0” calorie diet), this can be maintained for a longer but rather shorter period of time. These diets are most often irrational, medically unjustified, and even harmful to health. You can read more and more “sure” methods and miracle cures on the Internet every week and every month that promise safe and fast weight loss. Their result is almost certainly the same (if we are lucky and have not even caused permanent damage to health): after the “cure”, the pounds lost with suffering legally come back (the so-called jojo effect). Many people spend hundreds of thousands, even millions, on these methods, even though their weight will often not only decrease over time, but increase further.

Gastric balloon therapy is a relatively new weight loss method that has both dietary and appetite-suppressing and mechanical “stomach-narrowing” ingredients. It can be used from the 27 body weight (BMI⃰⃰) index or when other dietary methods are no longer recommended.

The essence of the method is that a balloon that can be filled with liquid or air is introduced into the stomach endoscopically (ie not with surgery, no cuts, so there are no scars), which reduces the “useful” volume of the stomach due to its volume, thus preventing and reducing food intake. the patient can consume less food than before, but it will already be full, which means less food intake.

In addition to the gastric balloon, any food and drink can be consumed, but it is essential to follow the diet recommended by your doctor / dietitian. The goal is for the patient to lose weight and achieve long-term changes in diet and lifestyle.

The method can be used in case of significant overweight, in the presence of comorbidities, when other dietary methods can no longer be used, or after several unsuccessful diets.

With a gastric balloon, you can get rid of more weight, it is a help to make a complete lifestyle change, as we also provide the patient with dietary and sports / physiotherapy advice while “wearing” the balloon.

Using a diet supervised by a doctor / dietitian, a total weight loss of 1-1.5 kg per week can be achieved during the 6-month gastric balloon. This may vary depending on personal circumstances and the extent to which medical regulations are followed. Significantly obese people can lose up to 25-35 kg.

The vast majority of patients who follow the instructions are able to achieve the desired weight loss if this does not occur, the reason being that the patient is not fully compliant.
The balloon actually teaches the patient to recognize how much is enough. It shifts the brain a bit in terms of portion sizes. At the same time, it is a motivating force, as by the time you manage to lose a few extra pounds, the patient is able to keep the proportions even without the balloon.


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