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Gastric Balloon: Placing and removing the balloon – 2022

gastric balloon

Gastric Balloon: Placing and removing the balloon

The gastric balloon is a special, yet mechanically and chemically (gastric acid, digestive enzymes, food) resistant, yet flexible, elastic, tissue-friendly…

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Lise’s placement of the Elipse™ Gastric Balloon


How long can a balloon be in your stomach?

Usually 6, rarely 12 months. After about 5 months, the body gets used to the balloon, so the rate of weight loss slows down and may stop. The brain is max. you can be “deceived” for six months and be believed not to be hungry because your belly is full. At the same time, 5-6 months is enough to learn a more health-conscious diet, and the manufacturer also guarantees the integrity of the balloon for this long time.

Remember, no matter how resistant the balloon is, it is exposed to the constant effects of stomach acid and pepsin (a digestive enzyme) every day.

Is any preliminary examination required?

Yes, the insertion of the balloon must be preceded by a preliminary medical examination, during which we look for possible diseases, health problems, conditions that may be a reason for or affect the balloon therapy. Then you can discuss the nature of gastric balloon therapy with yourself, your expectations, and ask your questions.

Thus, a general medical history, general medical examination, laboratory examination, ECG, abdominal and pelvic ultrasound examination, preliminary upper panendoscopy (gastric mirroring), and additional examinations if necessary, e.g. cardiology, pulmonology consultation.

We can also perform a significant part of these examinations in our institution without queuing, but of course you can also perform them with the help of your GP.

To make it easier for you not to waste your precious time organizing and conducting examinations, we have put together various “packages” that include the preliminary examinations detailed above, the cost of a gastric balloon and other equipment, the cost of inserting and removing an endoscopic balloon under anesthesia, and recommended follow-up examinations after balloon insertion, such as 2 gastroenterological consultations, dietary counseling, and physiotherapy.

If you use a complete package, you will receive a discount.

About the balloon, placing and removing the balloon

The gastric balloon is a special, yet mechanically and chemically (gastric acid, digestive enzymes, food) resistant, yet flexible, elastic, tissue-friendly spherical container.

It is delivered endoscopically to the stomach in a drained state and then filled with either air or colored physiological saline, usually to a volume of 500-600 ml. Both fillers have advantages. After filling, the balloon is in the correct position, and after removing the endoscope, it can actually move freely in the stomach, reducing its volume and thus the amount of food intake. Insertion takes 15-30 minutes under anesthesia. You can then leave your home after 1-2 hours of observation.

Taking an antacid (PPI) is recommended until the balloon is removed. Depending on your individual sensitivity, this “foreign body” sensation can get used to in a few days.

Nausea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, pain may occur for a few days.
The balloon is removed 6 months later, also endoscopically under anesthesia, first pierced with a special spear and then aspirated through the esophagus.


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