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Gastric balloon: How long can a balloon stay in your stomach? – 2022

gastric balloon

Gastric balloon: How long can a balloon stay in your stomach?

Usually 6, rarely 12 months. After about 5 months, the body gets used to the balloon, so the rate of weight loss slows down and may stop. Gastric balloon…

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Does the balloon expand the size of your stomach?


Gastric Ballon

  • potential diseases
  • diabetes,
  • high cholesterol and triglyceride levels,
  • high blood pressure disease
  • pathological atherosclerosis, related coronary, brain and arterial diseases (heart attack, stroke, vascular occlusion),
  • liver and biliary diseases,
  • musculoskeletal degenerative diseases,
  • cancer diseases,
  • decreased fertility,
  • Sleep apnea.

In recent years, the proportion of obese people has been increasing, and according to some estimates, it may reach 30-35% of the population in the near future, reaching approximately 30-35% of this rate. 10% may be extremely obese. This also means a change/decrease in working ability. It is very important to take action against it in a medically acceptable way, and methods of reducing obesity are called dieting. This can be a simple starvation (“0” calorie diet), which can be maintained for a longer but fairly short period of time. These diets are often unreasonable, medically unfair, and even unhealthy. Every week and every month online you can read more “sure” methods and miracle cures that promise safe and fast weight loss. Its results are almost certainly the same (if we are lucky, and it did not even cause permanent damage to health): after the “treatment”, the weight lost through suffering is legally returned (the so-called jojo effect). Most people spend hundreds of thousands, or even millions, on these methods, but their weight will usually not only decrease but increase over time.

Gastric balloon therapy is a relatively new method of weight loss that contains both dietary and appetite suppressant and mechanical “stomach-constricting” components. It can be used from a body weight (BMI⃰⃰) index of 27 or when other dietary methods are no longer recommended.

The essence of the method is that a balloon that can be filled endoscopically with liquid or air is inserted into the stomach (i.e. not surgically, no incisions, that is, no scars), reducing the “useful” volume of the stomach. volume, thus preventing and reducing food intake. The patient may consume less food than before, but will already be full, which means less food intake.

In addition to the gastric balloon, all kinds of food and beverages can be consumed, but it is essential to follow the diet recommended by your doctor / dietitian. The goal is for the patient to lose weight and achieve long-term changes in diet and lifestyle.

The method can be used in case of overweight, in the presence of comorbidities, when other dietary methods can no longer be used, or after several unsuccessful diets.

With the gastric balloon you can lose more weight, it helps you make a complete lifestyle change, because we also advise the patient on diet and sports / physiotherapy while “putting on” the balloon.

A total weight loss of 1-1.5 kg per week can be achieved during the 6-month gastric balloon by applying a diet under the control of a doctor / dietitian. This may vary depending on personal circumstances and the extent to which medical regulations are followed. Significantly obese people can lose as much as 25-35 kg.

The balloon actually teaches the patient to realize how much is enough. It shifts the brain a bit in terms of portion sizes. It’s also a motivating force, because once you’ve managed to shed a few extra pounds, the patient can maintain proportions even without a balloon.

How long can a balloon stay in your stomach?

Usually 6, rarely 12 months. After about 5 months, the body gets used to the balloon, so the rate of weight loss slows down and may stop. Brain max. for six months you can be “cheated” and believed that you are not hungry because your stomach is full. At the same time, 5-6 months is enough to learn to eat healthier, and the manufacturer also guarantees the integrity of the balloon for this long period of time.

Remember, no matter how resistant the balloon is, it is exposed to the constant effects of stomach acid and pepsin (a digestive enzyme) every day.

Is any preliminary review necessary?

Yes, prior to placement of the balloon, a preliminary medical examination should be performed where we look for possible diseases, health problems, conditions that may cause or affect balloon treatment. Then you can discuss the nature of the gastric balloon treatment with yourself, your expectations, and ask your questions.

Therefore, general medical history, general medical examination, laboratory examination, ECG, abdominal and pelvic ultrasound examination, anterior upper panendoscopy (stomach mirroring) and, if necessary, additional examinations, e.g. cardiology, pulmonology consultation.

We can do most of these examinations without waiting in line in our institution, but of course, you can have them done with the help of your general practitioner.

To make it easier for you not to waste valuable time organizing and conducting exams, we’ve put together a variety of “packages” that include the preliminary exams detailed above, the cost of a gastric balloon and other equipment, the cost of inserting and removing a gastric balloon. Recommended follow-up examinations after balloon placement, such as endoscopic balloon under anesthesia and 2 gastroenterological consultations, dietary counseling and physiotherapy.


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