From what age can rhinoplasty be done – 2022


From what age can rhinoplasty be done

If rhinoplasty is needed to eliminate defects that interfere with normal nasal breathing, it can be performed at an earlier age.

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What is the best age to perform a nose surgery?


What is rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty – plastic surgery, the main task of which is to improve, restore or create a new shape of the nose. With its help you can make the nose longer or shorter, wider or narrower, etc. In addition, it can help restore nasal function (if impaired) and improve breathing, which is very important when it comes to immunity and human health.

Types of rhinoplasty

Depending on the method of operation:

  • open;
  • closed.

In open rhinoplasty, all incisions are made outside the nose, in closed – inside. Closed rhinoplasty is more sparing, but more complicated. Performed with minor defects and leaves no scars. Open rhinoplasty is more expensive and requires longer rehabilitation and is an easier method of nose correction, as it allows you to see all its elements and structures.

Depending on the purpose of the operation:

Reconstructive. Its main purpose is to restore damaged, deformed or lost bone, cartilage or soft tissues of the nose.

Functional. It is performed in order to improve the patency of the nasal passages of people with nasal breathing difficulties.

Aesthetic. Aimed at improving the appearance of the nose.

Depending on which part of the nose will change:

  • plastic base of the nose;
  • nose tip plastic surgery;
  • plastic skin of the nasal septum (columella);
  • plastic back of the nose.

How to prepare for rhinoplasty

To avoid any complications during or after the operation, the procedure should be approached as healthy as possible.

Assessment of the patient’s health is carried out, as a rule, on the basis of the following tests and studies:

  • biochemical blood test;
  • blood test for HIV;
  • general blood test;
  • general analysis of urine;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • blood test for prothrombin;
  • Hbs antigen and anti HCV;
  • analysis to determine blood group and rhesus factor.

The patient will also need to have an x-ray of the paranasal sinuses so that the doctor can make sure that they do not have inflammatory processes and diseases.

In addition, in preparation for plastic surgery, it is recommended to stop smoking and take anticoagulants.

From what age can rhinoplasty be done

If nasal plastic surgery is required for aesthetic reasons, it is best to do it on the 18th anniversary, when the process of formation of nasal tissues is completed.

If rhinoplasty is needed to eliminate defects that interfere with normal nasal breathing, it can be performed at an earlier age.

How long is the postoperative period

Swelling and bruising usually last for 7-10 days. You can assess the final effect in 2-3 months.

If the operation was performed on the back of the nose, it is possible that it will take 1-2 weeks to wear a plaster cast.

Basic recommendations for the postoperative period

  1. In the first days after the operation, it is desirable to abandon water treatments, as well as to eat very hot and very cold food
  2. It is desirable to sleep with your head raised
  3. For 1 month you should exclude physical activity, as well as trips to the sauna or bath
  4. It will be possible to return to work not earlier than in 10-14 days

How much is rhinoplasty

The cost of rhinoplasty depends on the pricing policy of the clinic in which it will be performed, the qualifications and professionalism of the doctor who will perform nose correction, as well as the type of operation. For example, as we have already written, open rhinoplasty is more expensive than closed.


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