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Forehead Lift: You should know – 2022

forehead lift

Forehead Lift: You should know

Forehead lift (or as it is called in medical circles – ritidectomy of the forehead) is one of the modern and very popular procedures, during which surgical correction is performed by lifting excess skin.


Forehead Lift – Browlift Surgery – 👨🏻‍⚕️ Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon | 2022


Forehead lift

Age and emotions leave a rough autograph on our faces. One of the most visible signs of aging is wrinkles on the forehead, which appear due to these factors. Lifting the forehead and eyebrows allows you to reduce or completely remove wrinkles and deep furrows in the forehead and nose. Sagging eyebrows are one of the main external signs of aging, and eyebrow lifting is a great way to solve this problem. In itself, the operation of lifting the forehead and eyebrows is similar to lifting the face and can dramatically improve the overall appearance of the patient. Forehead lift and eyebrow lift (eyebrow lift) – this is the best way to solve the problem of aging!

Forehead lift (or as it is called in medical circles – ritidectomy of the forehead) is one of the modern and very popular procedures, during which surgical correction is performed by lifting excess skin. Thanks to this procedure, you can cope with drooping eyebrows, sagging cheeks, the area under the eyes, forehead and chin. The surgeon uses a scalpel to redistribute the skin on the forehead, face and neck, and removes the excess. Subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue are also manipulated.

Indications for the procedure

Negative age-related changes in the epidermis are mainly due to a decrease in the amount of elastin and collagen in its cells.

The situation is also complicated by:

  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Various diseases.
  • Bad Habits.
  • Adverse working conditions.

If at the initial stages of the aging process with defects will help to cope with hardware techniques and properly selected cosmetics, in the presence of deep wrinkles and obvious signs of aging will help plastic surgeons. Surgeons of the Ukrainian Academy of Plastic Surgery have in their arsenal a rich set of techniques that restore youth and beauty to the skin.

Thus, the main indications for ritidectomy of the forehead are:

  • Lower eyebrows.
  • Loss of muscle tone.
  • “Lions”, deep wrinkles.

Preparation and carrying out of a forehead lift (ritidectomy)

Before the operation, the surgeon draws a diagram of future incisions on the face. It depends, first of all, on what defects need to be eliminated.

During rhytidectomy, the surgeon cuts off excess skin, replacing the soft tissues. After these manipulations, the facial muscles are tightened, and the subcutaneous fat layer is redistributed.

Option №1. Coronary forehead lift. Surgeons make a long incision a couple of millimeters before the hairline. At the same time the skin of the forehead is pulled up. Due to this, the height of the forehead increases, and the line of hair growth is slightly pushed up. Coronary forehead lifting is ideal for patients who naturally have a low forehead.

Option №2. Endoscopic lifting. This operation involves

use of a special endoscopic instrument that is inserted under the skin on the forehead through small incisions. All manipulations are monitored by a microscopic video camera. Such a technique is less traumatic for the patient. It is successfully used if, for example, the patient has contraindications to coronary lifting.

Option №3. Temporal eyebrow lifting. With this operation, surgeons “raise” the eyebrow line. At the same time, facial wrinkles centered around the eyes are smoothed. The surgeon makes small incisions in the temples on both sides. In most cases, this technique is combined with endoscopy, when the skin of the forehead is completely smoothed.

Option №4. Eyebrow lifting is performed along the line of hair growth. This operation is very similar to the coronary method. The main difference is that the incision is made on the inside of the scalp (ie, along the hairline). After that, the skin on the forehead is tightened, and the excess is removed. By the way, this technique is suitable even for patients with high foreheads.


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