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Forehead Lift: What Is Endoscopic Eyebrow Raising? – 2022

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Forehead Lift: What Is Endoscopic Eyebrow Raising?

Endoscopic forehead lift or forehead lift is an operation that relieves drooping eyelids and facial expressions from anxiety or anger caused

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What Is Endoscopic Eyebrow Raising?

Endoscopic forehead lift or forehead lift is an operation that relieves drooping eyelids and facial expressions from anxiety or anger caused by vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. During this operation, which is equally common among men and women between the ages of 35 and 70, the surgeon lifts the skin and underlying tissues of the upper third of the face up and sometimes removes part of the muscle that causes wrinkles between the eyebrows. As a result, the patient appears rejuvenated and rested.

Do I Need To Raise Eyebrows?

If you are concerned about drooping eyebrows that make your face look tired or sad, deep horizontal wrinkles on the forehead or wrinkles from frowning eyebrows, endoscopic eyebrow lifting will help you correct all these imperfections. To quickly find out what results you can expect, do a little test. Place your fingers on the outer third of your eyebrow and gently lift the skin up. This way you will understand how much the operation can change your appearance. However, to determine if this method is right for you, it is best to discuss the operation in detail with your plastic surgeon.

How Is The Endoscopic Lifting Of The Forehead Carried Out?

During endoscopic lifting of the forehead, the surgeon uses a small camera the thickness of a pencil, which is connected to a television monitor. The endoscope is passed under the skin through several small incisions no longer than 1 cm, located just behind the hairline. Thanks to the camera, the doctor can clearly see the muscles and tissues located under the skin on the monitor screen. The surgeon then inserts a second instrument through one of these incisions, which exfoliates the skin and works the muscles.

Eyebrow lifting can also be done with the traditional “open” approach, in which an incision is made slightly behind the hairline or along the hair from ear to ear through the top of the head. Using this incision, the doctor works with soft tissues, removes excess skin and muscle areas that cause wrinkles in glabellers, and fixes the tissue in a new position. At the end of the operation, the surgeon connects the edges of the incision with sutures.

Due to the fact that endoscopic surgery is performed through smaller incisions, after itching and temporary tingling of the scalp worry patients much less often than after the classic “open” surgery. In addition, after endoscopic lifting, patients return to their daily activities earlier.

In some cases, endoscopic and open access are combined. In any case, the operation usually lasts 1 to 2 hours, is performed under general (intravenous or inhalation) anesthesia and often the patient has the right to leave the clinic on the evening of the operation.

Advantages of endoscopic forehead lifting compared to traditional “open” surgery:

  • Small cuts on the skin, less visible scars.
  • Less common tingling in the scalp.
  • Fewer areas of hair loss.
  • Less pain, swelling and bruising.

What To Expect After The Operation?

Swelling and bruising may appear on the eyebrows and forehead immediately after the operation, which may continue until the 10th day after the operation. The first night after the operation you should sleep with your head held high. Ice can be applied to your face to reduce swelling. You may be worried about mild discomfort in the area of ​​the operation, which is quickly resolved with painkillers prescribed by your doctor. The bandage and drains (if any) are usually removed in the first few days after surgery. In a few days, your doctor will allow you to take a bath and wash your hair.

Most patients are very happy with how much younger they are after lifting their forehead. Although the end effect sometimes becomes noticeable after a few weeks or months, you will probably agree that the result is worth the expectation.

The duration of the effect of the operation varies from person to person. It depends on many factors, including heredity and lifestyle. Although you will start to look younger, remember that the aging process cannot be stopped. You will probably decide in favor of another plastic surgery in the future.


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