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Facelift Surgery: How much does it cost? – 2022


Facelift Surgery: How much does it cost?

Facelift prices always vary depending on the case and the method to be used, so it is difficult to say a specific price range.

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Facelift with threads

This operation is one of the last words of plastic surgery and can achieve very good results without any major facial surgery and even bloodless. It should be emphasized that although it is a bloodless facelift, local anesthesia is performed in order for the patient not to feel pain and discomfort during the whole procedure.

This method gets its name from the special threads that are used to correct the problem areas of the face. These special threads are placed with a special “cannula” under the skin and increase the production of collagen and other substances at the point where they are placed.

Since the relaxation of the skin and the formation of wrinkles are due to the lack of elastin and collagen, one can understand that the local increase in the production of these substances has very positive effects for the patient. Let’s be clear that there are many ways in which flossing can be done and the choice is always up to the doctor.

This method can of course not achieve the same spectacular results as those of a surgery, however it is also called instant facelift since its results are immediately visible. It is an ideal solution for relatively young people and generally for those who are afraid of surgery.

Lifting without a scalpel or with a laser

The other big category of scalpel-free surgeries are those performed using lasers. Interventions of this type have many names which derive from the special machine used or a marketing department, however the general principles are common and the results are generally the same, regardless of the name of the method or the machine.

During a laser facelift, the special medical laser will focus on the areas of the face where there are lines and wrinkles and will heat them, thus increasing the production of collagen which will eliminate wrinkles. This method can also correct other imperfections in the facial skin, such as blemishes and changes in skin color.

The results of this method do not appear instantly as in the thread method, but they are certainly more immediately visible than those of the operation, however they are not as spectacular.

Is there a natural facelift?

To close with non-invasive methods, it is very likely that you will see ads for creams and other preparations that promise natural facelift. Although there are substances that increase collagen production even with superficial use, their role is mainly preventive. These products in other words protect against wrinkles and at best can only treat very small wrinkles and shallow lines.

How much does a face lift cost?

Facelift prices always vary depending on the case and the method to be used, so it is difficult to say a specific price range. Of course, a classic facelift is more expensive than a bloodless one, since the cost of the medical team and the stay in the clinic must be calculated. Also, when it comes to classic surgery, it is natural for a mini face lift to cost more than a full one.

Since facelift is very popular, it is certain that you will find several doctors in your area who specialize in it. Talk to as many people as possible to gather opinions and offers and always make your choice based on the experience and expertise of the doctor.


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