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Facelift Surgery and Neck Stretching – 2022

facelift surgery

Facelift Surgery and Neck Stretching

Facial stretching is based on the removal of excess skin, which causes sagging of the face, as well as tightening the facial ligaments. Facelift surgery

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Facelift Surgery and Neck Stretching

Over the years, the effect of gravity causes the face to sag and age. During aging, sagging of the cheeks, lubrication of the lower jaw and sagging of the skin, wrinkles, reduction of soft tissue on the cheekbones, indentations and protrusions occur. These changes not only make a person look older, but also cause a tired and sad expression.

Facial stretching is based on the removal of excess skin, which causes sagging of the face, as well as tightening the facial ligaments. Slight sagging and aging of the face can be treated with procedures that do not require surgery, for large sagging facial stretching surgery or fat injection along with facial stretching, a facial stretching operation combined with eyelid aesthetics is recommended.

In this operation, the incisions are planned so that the hair line, the front line of the ear and the back of the ear are hidden. The incision, which starts in the hair, moves along the front of the ear and behind the ear. If the patient is young and the tissue sagging is moderate, the operation can be completed without incision behind the ear. The skin of the cheeks is lifted and tension sutures are inserted into a tissue called the SMAS, which encloses the lower facial muscles. Excess skin is then removed and the remaining tissue is replaced with a new one. The duration of such an operation is 3-4 hours. The hospital stay is one day. Drains placed to prevent blood clotting are removed after 1-2 days. There will be bruising and swelling on the face after the operation. A special face mask is used for 2 weeks until this payment is made. During the operation, there may be slight facial asymmetries due to nerve tension or edema, which will resolve itself in 4-5 days. The stitches do not need to be removed because they are self-melting. Depending on the patient’s skin type, there is an indefinite mark on the cut. These scars are more obscure in light-skinned patients.

Bleeding or accumulation of blood under the skin, malnutrition and delayed healing at the tips of the incisions, loss of sensation in the skin of the face and neck, damage to one of the branches of the facial nerve, and loss of facial movement are rare complications.

Facial stretching surgery gives better results than other procedures in properly selected patients. The result is long-lasting, albeit with minor changes in the shape of the new face and re-aging.


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