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Eyebrow straightening – 2022

eyebrow straightening

Eyebrow straightening

The classic operation for eyebrow straightening is performed under general anesthesia in a surgery.

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Eyebrow straightening

A tired look is often accompanied by drooping eyebrows. By raising the eyebrows we emphasize the radiance of our eyes and our whole face.

Many women express their discomfort about the sadness on their face and their tired eyes because of the eyebrows.
The approach depends on the degree of fall and the anatomical features of the face.

Botulinum toxin is an immediate and easy first step in improving the problem.
Botox or Dysport is injected into the sphincter that lowers the eyebrows, freeing the eyebrow erection from the opposing frontal muscle.
The results last 3-6 months and then the treatment is required to be repeated.

Surgical eyebrow straightening can be done during eyelid surgery without additional incisions.
Through the incision of the upper eyelid, the eyebrow is fixed in the correct position in the supra-eye arch with sutures.

In elderly patients whose vision is obstructed by the relaxation of the eyebrow, a part of the skin above the eyebrow is removed and a careful suturing over the eyebrow hairs is made, which makes the incision really invisible.

In younger women who have low eyebrows but also to straighten the side of the eyebrows I use the technique of folding the fascia that holds the eyebrow.
With local anesthesia, a 3-4 cm incision is made in the scalp of the temples and the temporal paratonia is recognized. Special internal stitches raise the eyebrow in the right position. The operation leaves a small swelling for a week and achieves suspension up and out of the eyebrows. The short duration of the operation and the immediate result make this microsurgery extremely affordable.

The classic operation for eyebrow straightening is performed under general anesthesia in a surgery. Usually, in parallel with the eyebrow erection, it is performed together with a regular facelift.
The large incisions in the hair are now abandoned and a special endoscopic machine is used.

From small through the hairs, the skin of the forehead is lifted and the position of the eyebrows is corrected with special stitches.
The operation causes swelling and requires 2 weeks of recovery and this is one of the reasons that is not very popular.

It is a fact that women now require minimal interventions with rapid recovery and immediate results.

Most of the time, the simple placement of glassware on the eyebrow arch gives aesthetic results of eyebrow straightening in just a few minutes and in combination with a proper application of botulinum toxin the results are better and with a fairly long duration.
The alternative placement of fat (fat transfer minifat graft) instead of hyaluronic shows an even longer lasting result.

Each person is unique and needs an individual approach to the problem depending on its specifics.
A personal discussion with the doctor will help you identify the problem that concerns you and solve it with the most appropriate method for you.


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