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Eyebrow Lift: Types and options – 2022

eyebrow lift

Eyebrow Lift: Types and options

Eyebrow lift: A very gentle procedure, which leaves visible scars. The procedure is usually performed on the elderly.

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Types and options

There are mainly three different treatments that may be relevant if you want to raise your eyebrows. Talk to your surgeon about what is relevant in your individual case. Feel free to also contact several clinics to compare the possibilities.

Eyebrow lift: A very gentle procedure, which leaves visible scars. The procedure is usually performed on the elderly.

Forehead and eyebrow lift endoscopic (peephole): A very gentle procedure, and the most commonly used treatment for eyebrow lift.

Forehead and eyebrow lift with open surgery: Considered an old surgical method, which has a larger scope than the other alternatives. During the operation, an incision is made from ear to ear, and the skin down to the eyebrows is loosened. The procedure gives clear scars, there is a greater risk of hair loss and many experience reduced sensation in the forehead region. Most people have abandoned this method today.


‍Every operation carries with it a certain risk and many therefore want to avoid surgery at all. For these, there are good alternatives. Restylane and Botox are very popular in cosmetic treatment. Talk to your therapist if these may be options for you.‍


If you do not want a surgical procedure, an alternative may be Restylane. Restylane is the world’s leading filler for skin renewal and aesthetic correction. Restylane improves the structure of the skin by moisturizing the skin from the inside. This increases the skin’s own production of collagen, which makes it more elastic. A filler treatment will not be able to give the same result as an eyebrow lift and forehead lift, but is in return a very gentle treatment where you avoid surgery. The safety and efficacy of Restylane have been extensively clinically proven. The result comes immediately, but has a time-limited effect. You must therefore repeat the treatment if you want to maintain the result.


Botox has today become a very popular treatment, and can be an option for you who want a forehead and eyebrow lift, but do not want to expose yourself to surgery. Botox reduces the visibility of wrinkles and furrows on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. The treatment can also be combined with other filler treatments, such as Restylane.

A treatment with Botox involves injecting muscle paralyzing fluid into the skin. Botox blocks the neurotransmitter the nerves in the body use to send signals to, among other things, the muscles. This means that the nerves are not allowed to tell the muscles to contract. Botox paralyzes only the specific muscles that have been treated. The result is that the skin is smoothed out and wrinkles become less visible.

The treatment gives little discomfort and is over in 10-15 minutes, depending on how many areas are treated. You may experience a mild redness for a few hours after the injection, but beyond this there are very few side effects associated with Botox treatment. Occasionally, patients who have had Botox on their forehead may find that their eyelids and eyebrows sag a little. This disappears when the effect of the treatment diminishes. Double vision and blurred vision occur in rare cases. If this happens, you should see a doctor.

The effect of the treatment is often visible after 3-8 days, but it can take 2-3 weeks before you can see the final result. The results of the injections last for 3-5 months. The treatment must therefore be repeated 2-3 times a year to maintain the effect. The effect tends to last longer if you have completed several treatments, because the muscles become thinner due to inactivity. It is worth noting that Botox does not help against the static wrinkles created by sunlight or age. In these cases, laser treatment can give better results.

Note that it is very difficult to predict exactly how a Botox treatment will work in each case. You should therefore be prepared that you may not get the result you expect. Talk to your doctor about whether Botox is relevant in your case.


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