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Eyebrow Lift: How to raise eyebrows naturally – 2022

eyebrow lift

Eyebrow Lift: How to raise eyebrows naturally

Drawing the appropriate eyebrows for the shape of the face or the structure of the face helps to give a decent appearance. Eyebrow lift

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The nature of drawing the eyebrows

Drawing the appropriate eyebrows for the shape of the face or the structure of the face helps to give a decent appearance, and it also has a great impact in judging the age, and it is possible to start cleaning the eyebrows from the excess hair after cleaning it well with a foaming soap and drying it, and spraying a little powder to prevent the hand from slipping, Then determine the desired eyebrow shape using the specified pen, and use the speed tweezers with a quick plucking movement so as not to cause the skin to relax, and rely on the arc of the eyelid to draw the eyebrow naturally, and a little Vaseline can be applied to speed up the healing of wounds, if any, or passing an ice cube to reduce puffiness.

Aerobic exercises

It is possible to practice several exercises to tighten the facial muscles, including:

  • Regularly performing facial exercises that strengthen the muscles in it, and also stimulate blood circulation, which gives a more youthful and lively appearance to the skin, and it also helps to raise eyebrows without the need for surgery. One of the first of these exercises is the resistance exercise that strengthens the muscles surrounding the eyebrows, by placing the three middle fingers under the eyebrow and pushing it up, then trying to return the eyebrow to the bottom resisting the fingers for five seconds, and the previous step is repeated with breathing well; To stimulate oxygen to reach the face, and the result can be seen within a week of committing to the exercise.
  • The exercise of closing the eye as tightly as possible, and holding this movement for one second, then closing the eye, raising the eyebrows to the highest possible level, and staying in this position from ten to fifteen seconds with repetition three times a day.
  • The exercise of opening the eyes as much as possible, tightening the forehead muscle, and then making the facial muscles in a frowning position, this helps to strengthen the facial muscles and increases blood flow to this area.


The use of special types of creams that tighten the skin around the eye area and eyebrows; One of the best creams for this is the one that contains a compound of copper peptides, which helps tighten the skin and get rid of fine lines, and you must read the instructions on the package to make sure that the cream is safe for use near the eyes.


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