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Brow Lift: Droopy eyebrows – 2022

brow lift

Brow Lift: Droopy eyebrows Brow Lift: Droopy eyebrows – 2022

The Brow Lift is the most indicated surgery to improve the arch and position of the eyebrows.

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How Can I Lift My Droopy Eyebrows – Browlift Consultation – Dr. Anthony Youn


Brow lift

Family heredity and genetics play an important role, so even young people can prematurely look tired and aged if the eyebrows are heavy or if their position is tilted down and to the sides.

The effects of aging cause sagging of the space between the temple and the eyelid, resulting in a look of sadness and aging. The fall of the eyebrows usually appears after 40-50 years and is due to the weakening of the suspensory ligaments of the same.

It is common for patients who consult for aesthetic surgery of the upper eyelids to also present a fall (or ptosis) of the eyebrows. Brow ptosis is usually most noticeable on the outer part of the brows, as they have less muscular support at this level.

Drooping eyebrows cause even more excess skin over the upper eyelids. Patients usually attribute this excess skin only to the eyelids, but when the eyebrow is raised to a more natural position, this apparent excess skin disappears.

Ptosis of the eyebrow or drooping eyebrow is caused by the descent of the eyebrow with respect to its natural position. It can affect one or both eyes and significantly influences facial expression, even if the decrease is only 2-3 mm, giving an image of a sad or tired look. Fallen eyebrows are a very important factor when it comes to framing a person’s gaze.

Arched eyebrows give a youthful appearance while drooping eyebrows on the other hand can make a person look old and sad. Permanent frown lines or furrows that form between your eyebrows can make even the calmest person look worried.

The Brow Lift is the most indicated surgery to improve the arch and position of the eyebrows.

It consists of surgically removing excess skin, making a minimal incision and as close to the eyebrow hair or a frontal wrinkle to prevent the scar from being visible.

It is normally combined with blepharoplasty. The best results will be obtained by combining the blepharoplasty with the lifting and repositioning of the eyebrows in the same surgical session.

This surgery is minimally invasive. It is performed under local anesthesia and the patient goes home immediately. The patient can return to work in 3 to 5 days. Hematomas are variable and can last between 7 and 10 days on average.

Incorporation into social life is very fast and there is practically no inflammation.


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