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Eyebrow Lift: Causes of drooping eyebrows – 2022

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Eyebrow Lift: Causes of drooping eyebrows

The fall of the eyebrows can appear over time as a sign of facial aging. Eyebrow lift

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Causes of drooping eyebrows

The fall of the eyebrows can appear over time as a sign of facial aging. Although many times it is also related to hereditary factors.

The loss of volume in the upper area of ​​the face, as well as the effects of gravity, are factors that cause the skin to gradually sag. This causes the original shape and position of the eyebrows and even the eyelids to be modified, giving a much more tired and aged appearance.

In addition to affecting the aesthetics of your face, it also results in the accumulation of skin on the upper eyelids. In the long term this can begin to decrease the patient’s visual field gradually.

That is to say, the fall of the eyebrows, in general, is carried out in conjunction with that of the eyelids. For this reason, when a specialist evaluates the patient for a brow lift treatment, he must analyze the state of the tissues in all the elements of the upper part of the face.

Types of brow lifts

The main objective of a brow lift treatment is to raise the upper area of ​​the face to an optimal position to create harmony between all the elements of the face.

There are several ways to perform a brow lift. But the most popular are the ones that we will explain below:

Neurotoxic neuromodulation lifting

Neuromodulation by neurotoxins is a very common treatment in cosmetic surgery. This consists of the application of substances or chemical elements that act mainly on the muscle cells, greatly reducing their activity. One of the most known and used in this field of medicine is botulinum toxin or Botox, by its trade name.

Botox is found in nature and has a bacteria that causes botulism or muscle paralysis. It is widely used in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of wrinkles on the face and sometimes to create a lifting effect on the skin.

Botox injections are one of the less invasive alternatives for brow lifts. The toxin is injected at different points on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. This prevents the muscles from contracting and affecting the skin, making it more flaccid.

In this way, slightly higher eyebrows are obtained, with better shape and firmer-looking skin.

The amount of Botox to apply depends on the position and condition of the skin around each eyebrow. In general, one is usually lower than the other.

The effects of this treatment are temporary and last approximately 4 months. After this time, if you want to preserve the effect, you only have to carry out a retouching session.

Open brow lift

The open or coronal brow lift involves making an incision in the upper part of the forehead very close to the hairline. This must go from one end to the other.

Once the specialist has access to all the tissues in the area, he proceeds to remove any excess if necessary and then performs a stretching and repositioning of the skin to raise the eyebrows and give them a better shape.

The operation lasts approximately 2 hours and once the process is complete, the incision is closed using a series of stitches.

This is one of the types of brow lifts with very long-lasting results. Although they are not considered permanent, since with aging and gravity the skin will begin to descend again. The results will be maintained for approximately 10 years. But this varies depending on each patient.

Endoscopic brow lift

It is one of the most modern alternatives to raise the eyebrows. The procedure consists of the insertion of endoscopic technology through small incisions of approximately 1.5 centimeters that are opened in the scalp.

Endoscopes are small, elongated tools that have a light and a camera. These allow the surgeon to work on the tissues and structures that make up the entire forehead area and lift them.

For this it is necessary for the doctor to weaken the depressor muscles that keep the eyebrows in their current position. And then place the skin in its new location.

This procedure is very effective. The scars are not very visible and the patient also requires a recovery time of only 10 days. It can be done under local or general anesthesia, but this depends on each patient.

The procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes and the results are as long-lasting as or longer than those of the open brow lift.

Many patients perform a brow lift in conjunction with a blepharoplasty treatment in Madrid to obtain better results in the renewal of their face.


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