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Eye Care: Mask for Wrinkles Around the Eyes – 2022

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Eye area care

Keeping the skin around the eyes always moist and under-eye care with herbal eye creams can be completed.

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How Do Wrinkles Around the Eyes Disappear?

While cleaning the make-up or peeling, skin care or cleaning the skin, we should always pay attention to the eye area and under the eyes, and we should not apply these applications to this sensitive area. Eye area care should be done differently and carefully compared to other skin care methods. It would be more logical to choose natural methods when applying mask recipes for wrinkles around the eyes. You can also take care of the eye area by buying cream for wrinkles around the eyes. You can prevent wrinkles by nourishing the skin with creams that do not irritate and moisturize under the eyes, as well as with a regular life and sleep pattern.

Eye area care

Keeping the skin around the eyes always moist and under-eye care with herbal eye creams can be completed. When wrinkles are just starting to form, regular nutrition, consuming vegetables and fruits should become a habit in order to slow down the process by taking the necessary precautions. You can do tightening and skin stretching exercises with the massage you will do around the eyes with your hands every day.

What Causes Under Eye Wrinkles
  • Irregular Sleep: If you do not have a regular life, the first part that will take its share is the under-eye and eye area. Of course, disturbed sleep patterns and under-eye bruises will accompany the wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Consuming Less Liquid: Water consumption is important for our vital organs, as well as to prevent the formation of skin beauty and wrinkles. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Sun prevents the formation of wrinkles by balancing the moisture content of the skin.
  • Eating Healthy: You can protect both your health and your skin by eating regularly, consuming healthy natural products, and staying away from oily and unhealthy foods. You can stop wrinkles by consuming fruits and vegetables and taking the necessary vitamin for the skin.
  • Doing Sports: Have you ever seen someone doing sports and aging prematurely, regular sports, walking, exercise can get enough oxygen and stay healthy and young for many years.

Mask for Wrinkles Around the Eyes

To reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and to stop the wrinkles around the eyes, you can prepare and apply natural care masks for the eyes.

Apricot kernel oil for eye care

You can easily find apricot kernel oil from herbalists or pharmacies, take enough of the apricot kernel oil on the index finger of both hands and apply it with gentle movements with your fingers to the area with under-eye wrinkles, apply this process 2 hours before going to bed in the evening, and your skin should be clean. When applied regularly, you will see that the wrinkles disappear and your skin tightens. Thanks to the components in apricot kernel oil, it is a natural product for eye care and has no side effects.

Wheat oil for under eye care

If bags under the eyes have started to form, there is a mask recipe for under-eye care for you. You can do under-eye care with completely natural wheat oil. The thing you need to pay attention to when buying wheat oil is the expiration date of the product, it will be better to buy the freshest wheat oil. We pour wheat oil on your index finger and massage it under the eyes and around the eyes, and we try to feed it well. In the same way, we apply it in the evening and leave it until the morning. You can apply it every day, you will see the effect in a short time when used regularly.

Egg white mask that tightens the eye area

Eggs, which are rich in protein, can be used in many skin care recipes as well as to tighten the eye area and skin. Mix 1 egg white, 1 carrot finely grated and peeled, 1 teaspoon of aloe vera oil in a glass bowl. We apply the mixture we have prepared both on our skin, under the eyes and around it. After waiting for half an hour on average, we wash my face with water and finish the process. This mask, which is a very effective firming, begins to show its effect in the first use. Applying twice a week will suffice.

Cucumber mask that removes wrinkles around the eyes

Since it is good for the skin, you can use the cucumber mask, which we often give mask recipes on our site, to stop the wrinkles around the eyes. Cucumber, which repairs the worn skin, can be used for under-eye and eye area care. We peel and grate 1 medium-sized cucumber and strain the juice. We leave the cucumber juice we have obtained for 1 hour to rest in the cupboard. Then, to apply around the eyes, we shake it first and apply it around the eyes and wait for 30 minutes.


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