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Eye Care: How to take care of your eyes – 2022

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Eye Care: How to take care of your eyes

During spring, with rising temperatures and pollen that can cause allergies, you need to take better care of your eyes. Eye care

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6 Tips to keep your eyes healthy


How to take care of your eyes

During spring, with rising temperatures and pollen that can cause allergies, you need to take better care of your eyes. In fact, a few simple gestures are enough to prevent sunlight, wind or air conditioning from leading us to go to the doctor to treat a disease that, even if simple, can be particularly annoying, first of all conjunctivitis.

Here are some useful tips to protect our eyes:


First of all, whenever you are outdoors, do not forget to wear sunglasses: they protect from ultraviolet rays. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive: the important thing is that they block 99 to 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B.


If instead you wear contact lenses, avoid them if your eyes are tired and slightly irritated and above all do not wear them beyond the allowed limit: keratitis which is an inflammation of the cornea, most of the time it is caused by incorrect use of the lenses in contact. Also avoid washing the lens container using only tap water: bacterial contamination could be created. Always use only suitable solutions and remember that the container must be replaced every 2-3 months.


Absolutely avoid frequent use of anti-inflammatory eye drops: over time it can negatively affect blood supply and increase the risk of damage to eye structures. For women: to avoid irritation, always remove make-up before going to sleep and do not use different cosmetics beyond the expiration date.


If both eyes are red, in most cases it could be a simple irritation due to, for example, heat or wind. Try to reduce redness and discomfort with a cold pack based on chamomile: if within a day, however, you do not notice any improvement, consult a doctor immediately. And to avoid the irritation of the many hours spent in front of a computer screen, take a break of at least 20 seconds every 2 minutes.


Healthy nutrition is essential for keeping our eyes healthy. Important is zinc, able to counteract the damage caused by light, vitamin A and beta-carotene. Never miss fruit, green leafy vegetables and legumes in your diet.


Did you know that smoking increases the risk of developing cataracts and makes dry eyes worse? It can also damage the retina and reduce vision. So many good reasons to throw away cigarettes.


Do not neglect eye tests and medical examinations: they must be regular, even if you are not wearing glasses. Generally, at least one visit every two years between the ages of 20 and 40 and an annual visit is required for those over 40.


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