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Eye Care: How to take care of the eyes – 2022

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Eye Care: How to take care of the eyes

Follow proper eye cleaning using a detergent, use an ophthalmic solution to clean the eye frequently. Eye Care

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Daily exercise: get rid of eye strain and improve vision naturally – 2022


How to take care of the eyes: tips and solutions

The eyes are one of the most sensitive in the human body, to which it must be added that they are constantly exposed to various external agents that can damage them and cause problems. In this article we will give you a complete list of tips and solutions to know how you should take care of your eyes.

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Steps to follow:
First of all, you should know that eye damage is caused by two things: dry eyes, irritation and fatigue. The reasons why this occurs are:

  • He works long hours in front of the computer
  • bad lighting
  • Dust, environmental dirt and smoke
  • The effect of air conditioning and heating
  • chlorine in swimming pools

the first advice What we want to give you to take care of your eyes correctly is to make good use of contact lenses, you must clean them correctly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and do not use them for more than the recommended time.

Follow proper eye cleaning using a detergent, use an ophthalmic solution to clean the eye frequently.

Take regular breaks or blink frequently when you are in front of your computer or reading a book. Specialists recommend taking a break from the computer for about one minute every 15 minutes in front of the computer. During this time, you can close your eyes or look away to relax your eyes. In addition, it is best to read at a distance of between 40 and 50 centimeters.

Avoid environments with smoke, air conditioning or heating, in these cases it is advisable not to expose yourself directly to the air outlet and reduce its intensity. This advice is very interesting for taking care of the eyes.

vacation of the eyes, it is important that the eyes also go on vacation and therefore during that time when you are not working, you should try to reduce the number of hours spent in front of the screen. To achieve this, before connecting, establish in advance how many hours you will remain connected.

Lighting is basic so that the eye does not suffer when working, ensure a balance by combining white light and yellow light. To have good lighting you need to follow these tips:

  • Position the computer screen so that the windows are oriented perpendicular to the plane of the screen.
  • The screen should never be facing or returning to windows.
  • Adjust the spatial arrangement of the monitor, avoiding reflections.
  • Use the monitor’s built-in brightness / contrast adjustment systems.
  • Always use curtains / blinds to regulate natural light in the room.
  • Avoid using reflective surfaces in your environment.

Perform half-yearly checks of the visual conditions and the functioning of the eye muscles with the ophthalmologist. The tests you should ask your eye doctor are:

  • Tonometry.
  • Pupillary dilation exam
  • visual field test

Pediatricians usually monitor the eyes. When they are 3 years old, it is correct to make a first assessment.

This article is for information only, at oneHOWTO we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We encourage you to see a doctor if you have any type of condition or discomfort.

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