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Eye Care: How to Remove Eye Makeup? – 2022

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How to Remove Eye Makeup?

Just as you did the cat eye makeup with care, you should show the same care and kindness to your eyes while removing it. Eye care

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How to Remove Eye Makeup?

Don’t Be Too Tough

Just as you did the cat eye makeup with care, you should show the same care and kindness to your eyes while removing it. Don’t be in a hurry. Using cotton with hard movements so that the make-up can be removed more effectively and quickly will return as redness in the eyes, plucked eyelashes, flaking under the eyes, dryness and wrinkles over time. Moreover, you do not need to be harsh to remove makeup.

Press the eye make-up remover onto your eyelashes for a few seconds with a cotton ball, wait a few minutes for it to penetrate your skin. In the meantime, brush your teeth and do your other work. At the end of the waiting period, you will see that the make-up products melt and dissolve, and come off easily with soft movements without difficulty.

Act Right

While removing your eye make-up, do you move the cleaning cotton from side to side with constant and hard moves? Then you are making a common mistake…

Moving the cotton ball back and forth on your eyelid will damage your skin, cause redness, and cause eyelashes to break. Instead, start from the inside of the eye; Wipe off the make-up gradually, going outward from the bottom of the eyelashes. After this first move, turn inward again, and move outward again with smooth upward and downward movements. If you apply this two-step method correctly, the make-up on the lower eyelashes should also be removed.

Do Not Use Facial Cleanser Around the Eyes

Admit it, there were times when you used facial cleanser to remove eye makeup just out of laziness, right? According to experts, this is one of the most common mistakes made when removing eye makeup.

However, the eye area is the thinnest and therefore the most sensitive area of ​​the face. So much so that it needs a privileged attention at every stage of skin care. Classical facial make-up removers, however moisturizing, dry this area, cause wrinkles or make existing wrinkles more visible. Make sure to remove eye makeup with eye makeup remover!

First Eye Makeup, Then Face!

Eye make-up removers containing oil can leave residues on your face and cause the formation of oil glands. You may also be bothered by the greasy feeling left behind. If you switch to moisturizer immediately after removing eye makeup without washing your face, you will leave your pores alone with these residues. As a result, you will experience acne or blackhead problems… After using makeup remover, do not forget to wash your face to remove the last residues.


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