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Eye Care: Get out into the fresh air – 2022

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Eye Care: Get out into the fresh air

Heating air is dry and particularly hard on our eyes. The winter is tough there, but air conditioning also creates bad air in the summer. Eye care

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How to naturally get rid of tired eyes in 2 easy steps


Get out into the fresh air

Heating air is dry and particularly hard on our eyes. The winter is tough there, but air conditioning also creates bad air in the summer. The reason for this is that the moisture is removed from the air and the tear film loses moisture as a result. What you can do about it:
Ventilate 1x per hour
avoid smoky rooms
Take breaks from reading and computer work
use eye drops
Place plants in the office
In summer, you can do without the air conditioning on some days
place bowls of water or towels on heaters in winter to humidify the air.

Water is the be-all and end-all!

Since your eyes always need enough liquid, you should drink a lot. It should be two to three liters of water a day anyway (except for those for whom too much water would pose a health risk), but very few people will think about their eyes when it comes to drinking. It is therefore all the more important to keep this factor in mind in the truest sense of the word. Incidentally, plants, humidifiers or damp cloths over the heating also help and improve the air quality.

20-20-20 is the eye care rule

If you work in front of the screen a lot, you should use the 20-20-20 rule to reduce some digital eye strain. It goes like this: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and stare at something at least twenty feet away from you. Incidentally, this rule comes from America, where six meters equals 20 feet. And you’ve learned something again…
Screen glasses that are precisely tailored to you also support and care for your eyes. An exact needs analysis is important here.

Seeing close vs. watching TV

Many of us work on computers every day. As a pleasant change for your eyes, however, you should consciously look away from time to time. This not only relaxes your eyes, but also your mind. The best way to do this is to look out of the window or at a photo of your loved ones a few meters away. It is best to look at it regularly and use it to train your eyes to switch from near to far. They will thank you and you can go back to work more relaxed.

Let there be light

You can already protect your eyes by creating the right lighting conditions. You should never have too little light when reading, no matter how exciting your book is. Bad light strains the whole body and should never be too weak or dazzling. Adjust your screen at work to the brightness, avoid reflections on the screen and make sure that the light temperature at work is right. You might also try daylight lamps or apps that regulate the light from the screen.

Sunglasses on

It’s impossible to imagine summer without sunglasses. But even in winter you should always wear one in daylight. It’s not just about not being blinded, but also about the UV rays. These attack your lens and retina and can irritate and damage the eye. The eyes can even get sunburnt.

High five!

A quick way to take care of your eyes: find five objects in the room at different distances, choose an order and fixate on them one by one. Then start over again. In between, always increase the pace. Repeat several times a day. It’s good for the eye and you don’t even have to get up for it.


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