Examination before dental treatment – 2022


Examination before dental treatment – 2022

There are many different types of treatments that the dentist takes responsibility for. Dental treatments can be divided into different areas, and…

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Dental Examination – A walkthrough


Dental Treatments

There are many different types of treatments that the dentist takes responsibility for. Dental treatments can be divided into different areas, and we have chosen to divide them into treatment of teeth, gums and jawbones, muscles and jaw joints and mucous membranes, tongue and soft tissue.

The mouth is a complex area with many different tissues to consider. We have the teeth with enamel, dentin and nerve tissue. We have different types of soft tissue in the tongue, gums, palate and cheeks. Then we have large and small salivary glands, blood vessels and nerves. We have jawbones and other structures to consider, such as lymph nodes, pharynx and tonsils. In addition, there are chewing muscles, lips, face, and jaw joints.

Examination before dental treatment

Each treatment should be based on an examination to determine the correct diagnosis. An examination checks the status of all tissues. In addition, previously performed treatment is checked. Injuries and diseases are diagnosed and treated according to protocol.

Many of the diseases of the mouth and teeth can be prevented. That is why we place great emphasis on preventive treatment and on educating our patients to be able to take the best possible care of their mouths and teeth.

It is important to know the underlying cause of each diagnosis. It gives you and the dentist or dental hygienist an opportunity to later be able to prevent you from getting the same disease again. The causal assessment also helps the therapist to recommend the best possible treatment for the patient.

Based on a discussion of health history, thoughts and experiences, you can choose which treatment is best for you, your needs and your prerequisites. The dentist and dental hygienist will always recommend the best treatment for you.

Dental treatment

Teeth are repaired by direct (filling) or indirect technique (shell veneer, onlay, crown). Root canal repairs damaged nerves. Teeth that cannot be repaired are removed with tooth extraction or dental surgery.

Teeth that are crooked are straightened with braces. Missing teeth are replaced with dental implants, dental bridges or dentures. If you want teeth whitening, you should do it before repairs or replacements to get the best possible color result. Gingivitis can be avoided and treated with dental care. Oral hygiene and regular cleaning removes plaque and tartar.

Mucosal changes need control and must sometimes be removed. Wounds, blisters and infections can occur and must be treated accordingly. Saliva stones can hurt and tonsils (detritus plugs in the tonsils) can cause bad breath.


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