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Endoscopic Gastric Balloon – 2022

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Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

The Endoscopic Gastric Balloon is the most common endoscopic weight loss surgery.

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Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

The Endoscopic Gastric Balloon is the most common endoscopic weight loss surgery. It has been applied for many years and the technology is constantly evolving. The gastric balloon is a safe and reliable method, which can lead to significant weight loss. But it has dangerous, though rare complications. And most importantly, its removal leads to a short weight gain. It finds very good application in the preparation of patients for obesity surgery.


We place the gastric balloon in the stomach with a simple gastroscopy, in the doctor’s office, with mild sedation with intoxication. After installation, the balloon is inflated with 500-700ml of liquid, often with pigment admixture to detect any loss of contents. The mechanism of action is simple. The sufferer gets full faster, if he follows a proper diet. It is removed after 6-12 months, with repeated gastroscopy.

With the placement of a gastric balloon, we achieve a weight loss of at least 10-25 kilos, which can reach twice as much with proper dietary monitoring. It is a very safe technique, with the only unwanted nausea due to stretching of the stomach, which is transient and is treated with medication. Contraindicated in people with previous surgeries or diseases of the stomach.


Important for the long-term maintenance of weight loss, is the dietary monitoring up to 2 years after the removal of the gastric balloon, as studies show possible re-absorption of weight after its removal. The ideal application of the endoscopic intragastric ring is the temporary placement, in preparation for obesity surgery.


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