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Endoscopic forehead lift, temporoplasty, brow lift – 2022

forehead lift

Endoscopic forehead lift, temporoplasty, brow lift

Endoscopic forehead lift (temporoplasty, brow lift) is an operation aimed at improving the aesthetic proportions of the upper third of the face.

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What is Forehead Lift? Who should get it? Can people in their 20s or 30s get this procedure?


Endoscopic forehead lift, temporoplasty, brow lift

Endoscopic forehead lift (temporoplasty, brow lift) is an operation aimed at improving the aesthetic proportions of the upper third of the face.

Indications for an endoscopic forehead lift

  • Eyebrow drooping;
  • Frown;
  • Pronounced forehead wrinkles;
  • Flabbiness of the skin;
  • Decreased muscle tone – all this is an indication for a forehead lift.

The ideal age for an endoscopic forehead lift is between 30 and 45 years of age. However, often younger patients also resort to a forehead lift. In many ways, this is due to the hereditary “heavy”, lowered eyebrows. Also, men and women turn to surgery when the medial edge of the eyebrow is too low.

The goals of a forehead lift (temporoplasty):

  • Raise the outer part of the eyebrow (brow lift) and, accordingly, the tissues of the upper eyelids,
  • Smooth out forehead wrinkles.

The main advantages and main advantages of the endoscopic forehead lift technique

  • Long-term result of the operation,
  • Natural result, no “stretched mask” effect,
  • Ability to combine with other operations
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • The absence of large incisions, the operation is performed through incisions no larger than 3 mm,
  • The use of video assistance during the operation, which avoids unnecessary tissue trauma,
  • Fast recovery period
  • Minimal risk of complications.

Performing an endoscopic forehead lift

Temporoplasty (eyebrow lift) is most often performed under general anesthesia. Its duration is no more than 1.5 hours.

At the first stage of the operation, incisions are made, no more than 3 mm long, in the hair growth zone. A tiny device is inserted into one of the incisions – an endoscope, with the help of which it is possible to observe the operating area, which is displayed on a large screen. Through other incisions, the tissues of the supraorbital and frontal regions are detached and moved, tissues are fixed with the help of special sutures or endotin fixators, which once became so popular.

The technique for performing the operation is individual for each patient. Therefore, the scope of the operation will depend solely on the goals pursued. For example, in addition to a forehead lift, it is possible to perform blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids and thereby achieve more complex rejuvenation in one operation.

As mentioned earlier, punctures are minimal, which helps to reduce trauma and the risk of complications.

Rehabilitation after endoscopic forehead lift

Despite the fact that the patient can go home the very next day after the operation, it is important to follow all the recommendations of the doctor and take care of yourself as much as possible.

In the event that staples were installed, the surgeon removes them after 2 weeks. When using endotins, no additional manipulations are required, since the mini-fixators dissolve on their own after 6-8 months.

After the operation, for a month, you can not take a hot bath, go to the sauna (bath), solarium, for the same period it is necessary to limit physical activity.

Subject to all simple restrictions, the patient returns to his lifestyle already in a month.

Contraindications for forehead lift

In any operation there are certain contraindications. Endoscopic forehead lift is no exception. So, the main contraindications for this operation:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • uncontrolled diabetes mellitus,
  • infectious and oncological diseases,
  • Poor blood clotting
  • Other serious diseases of the internal organs.


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