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Disadvantages of gastric balloons – 2022

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Disadvantages of gastric balloons

The gastric balloon can be used at any time and even in combination with other treatment methods such as Magenband, Magenbypass or sleeve gastrectomy.

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Disadvantages of gastric balloons

The gastric balloon has a wearing period of 6 months (in exceptional cases 12 months).

During this time, the gastric balloon helps you to lose a lot of weight (up to 20 kg in 6 months).

The gastric balloon is a so-called ‘low-threshold device’. This means that it can be implanted without surgical intervention.

The gastric balloon can be used at any time and even in combination with other treatment methods such as Magenband, Magenbypass or sleeve gastrectomy.

The gastric balloon can also be used for short-term weight loss prior to surgery.

If the stomach tissue is not sufficiently stretched and a gastric balloon is pushed through the stomach wall by a narrow esophagus, there is a risk of ulcers.

If the stomach tissue has been stretched too much, it may lead to bleeding ulcers in the area of the stomach opening or in the area of the lower esophagus.

This risk can also be minimized by gradually easing into wearing the gastric balloon. If you experience nausea or vomiting in the first few days, we will remove the gastric balloon immediately.

However, in rare cases, it may be necessary to remove the gastric balloon prematurely due to complications or intolerances. For this purpose we have developed a new method in order to remove the gastric balloon without surgery – under endoscopic control. If a premature removal should still prove necessary after all, we will be happy to offer you other treatment options in our clinic that are right for you at any time.

The gastric balloon is a non-surgical method for treating obesity. It is introduced in a minimally invasive procedure using an endoscope (gastroscopy) through the mouth into the stomach, where it is filled with liquid (saline solution with a dye) and thus increases in volume. The effect is that you feel full very quickly and eat less food.

The wearing period of only 6 months, which is often perceived as a disadvantage, can now be conveniently extended to 12 months. The resulting costs are put into perspective very strongly (cf. ‘Costs’ below):

A valuable advantage of the gastric balloon: You don’t have to change your eating habits fundamentally. If you want to lose weight permanently, however, you should still try to change them afterwards.

The gastric balloon fills the entire stomach so that even liquids cannot pass through it. This means that you should not drink during meals in order to feel full more quickly. A small amount of liquid can be drunk outside the main meal times, but it should not be too cold or too hot so that it does not irritate the stomach wall.

The gastric balloon has the disadvantage that it can slip into the intestine or that the balloon may burst after a certain period of time. In this case, one can no longer speak of a gastric balloon advantage and one must say that the disadvantages prevail here again.

If one wants to point out advantages and disadvantages, one must of course first mention that there are many surgical interventions in this area that are much more dangerous than the insertion of a gastric balloon. However, if you are concerned about your health, you should definitely think about all possible consequences before you go for such a procedure and discuss them.


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